Application Process


Admissions Process
Freshmen Application Process

Parents: Please review the procedures listed below with your son and help him to complete the application process. Jesuit High School’s application process is completely electronic and therefore you will need to create a login and password before you gain access. A complete application will consist of the following: (1) Online application for admission, (2) the Academic Record Report, (3) Pastor Recommendation Form, (4) Principal/Counselor, English, and Math Recommendation Forms, (5) the High School Placement Test, (6) attend the Student/Parent Interview. Because of the volume of applicants, we ask that you do not contact the Admissions Office to verify receipt of forms; simply log in and refer to your sons admissions check list.

1. Application for Admission - Complete the online portion of your application for admission and make sure to hit the submit button when completed. After submitting, wait 24 hours for the application to process. After the waiting period, login and proceed to Step 2 (below). To access the on-line application click HERE

2. Academic Record Report - Download and print the Academic Record Report. Complete your information at the top of the form and sign for the release of transcripts. Give this completed and signed form to the appropriate school official to complete and mail to Jesuit High School by due date listed on the form.

3. Pastor/Minister/Faith Leader Recommendation Form - Each applicant is encouraged to send the online link to the recommendation form to his religious leader for verification of involvement. Applicants who are not currently active in their faith can submit an explanation letter in lieu of the Pastor/Minister/Faith Leader online recommendation, as to why they would choose to apply to a faith based program, specifically Jesuit High School.

4. Recommendation Forms - Principal/Counselor Recommendation; Math Recommendation; English Recommendation                              

You will need to obtain the email addresses for the person responsible to complete the above forms for your son. Email the correct link to the appropriate person to complete by the due date listed.   

5. High School Placement Test (HSPT) -  All applicants must sit for this exam. For late applicants, once we receive your online application, we will make an appointment with you in order for you to come in and sit for this exam. Plan on being on campus for at least 3.5 hours to complete this test. 

6. 9th Grade Applicant Student-Parent Interview Schedule - Each applicant and at least one parent/guardian are required to attend an interview. Please refer to the schedule below for your interview time. Waiting time will vary according to alpha groupings. The actual length of the interview will be approximately 15 – 30 minutes. 

7. Tuition Assistance Forms - Tuition Assistance Forms will be available online November 1, 2017 at Financial need is assessed independently of admission qualifications. Please review and submit the tuition assistance application by January 20, 2018. If you have any questions, call the business office at (916) 480-2116. 

8. Additional Recommendations Each applicant has the right to submit additional letters of recommendation for the admissions committee to consider. Please understand that there is a wealth of information already provided on your son’s behalf; therefore, we ask that you be judicious in submitting additional letters.

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