Summer Reading Assignments

Image of Summer Reading Assignments for 2015-2016
General Information

Summer Reading Assignments for 2015-2016

Most freshman students will have only one summer reading assignment; for their English course.  Those students who are enrolled in Biology XL, are also required to complete the Biology XL summer reading assignment.

Summer Math Packets

Mathematics Department Summer Assignments

In preparation for the Algebra 2 and Honors Algebra 2 course, all Geometry students are encouraged to complete a review packet of Algebra 1 material. This is recommended but not required.  Incoming freshmen advancing to Algebra 2H are required to complete the Trig review lessons and worksheets contained in the link below under Pre-Calculus Honors.

Please click on the class name for the assignment.

Algebra 2 / Algebra 2 Honors: Algebra I Review for Algebra II

In preparation for the Pre-Calculus course, all Algebra 2 students are encouraged to complete a review packet of Algebra 2 material.  This is recommended but not required. 

Pre-Calculus / Pre-Calculus Honors: Algebra II Review for Pre-Calculus
Pre-Calculus Honors: Trig Review Lessons | Trig Worksheets


Theology Department Summer Reading Assignments

There are no summer reading assignments for Theology classes.


Science Department Summer Reading

Students are required to complete the appropriate summer assignment prior to the first week of school. There is no assignment required for  B2: Anatomy/Physiology or Physics.  If you have Physics (H) or AP Physics, you have an assignment; see below.  Select the link for other assignments below.

Please click on the book title below for the assignment.

Biology / Biology XL Chromosome 6 by Robin Cook

AP Biology Biology, 9th Edition – Located in the Science Department page 

Chemistry, Chemistry (H) The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind 

AP Chemistry Chemistry: the Central Science ISBN 9780136018797

Physics (H), AP Physics Summer Assignment

Image of  Reading Assignments for Social Sciences

Reading Assignments for Social Sciences

The books say well, my Brothers! each man’s life
  The outcome of his former living is;
The bygone wrongs bring forth sorrows and woes,
  The bygone right breeds bliss.

From “The Light of Asia”
Sir Edwin Arnold (1832–1904)

Reading is essential for the modern student’s understanding of the human experience, and reading assignments play an important part in the Jesuit student’s mastery of the social sciences.  Social Science students are expected to complete summer reading  assignments to prepare them for their course of study during the school year.  All course have one or more required textbook or readers.  Although specific titles may change from time, the following are typical of the summer and school-year readings.

NOTE:  Seniors should read the book and complete the assignment for their first semester elective.  All students enrolled in Holocaust must complete the assignment by August 23, 2015 regardless of which semester you are taking the course.

Please select the book title to see the assignment.
Freshmen (9th)

There is no reading assignment for freshmen for Social Sciences.

Sophomores (10th)

There is no reading assignment for sophomores for Social Sciences.

Juniors (11th)

There is no reading assignment for U.S. History.

AP US HistoryThe American Pageant, 16th Edition (must be this edition) ISBN 9781305075917

Senior Electives (12th)
AP Government How Washington Really Works by Charles Peters
AP Economics The Undercover Economist by Tim Hartford
Economics Freakonomics by Levitt and Dubner
Holocaust (This is due for BOTH semesters by Sunday, August 23, 2015.) On Hitler’s Mountain by Irmgard Hunt

English Department 2015 Summer Reading Assignments

All English students are expected to complete the appropriate assignments over the summer. 

Please note:  Only those students who demonstrate unusual competency in English, and who have an outstanding record of academic achievement in junior high school as well as high verbal, language and reading scores are placed in our accelerated (XL) English grouping.   This is a competitive placement with only the top 5% of the students placed in the course. Those students who were placed in the English 1XL class have been notified.

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