Track and Field


Track and Field

2007-2014 Delta River League Champions, 8 in a row

‘85, ‘94, ‘96, ‘98, ‘08, ‘09, ‘10, ‘12, ‘13 Division 1 Sac-Joaquin Section Champions

2010 California State Champions

Event Robin Cummings

Start of Spring Sports
Basebll, Diving, Golf, Lacrosse, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, and Volleyball

Practices and tryouts start on February 5.  Please make sure you have a valid physical on file.  That is a requirement to participate.

If you have any questions, please contact Robin Cummings or Greg Harcos.


Track Schedule/Result – 2016-2017

Sat Feb 25 9:00a

Bulldog Invitational

Throwers and Vaulters Only

Sat Mar 4 9:00a

Sac St. Track Classic

Varsity Only

Wed Mar 8 3:00p Christian Brothers Results
Wed Mar 15 3:30p

Monterey Trail*


Meet is at Grant HS

Sat Mar 18 9:00a Husky Invitational Results
Sat Mar 18 9:00a Dublin Distance Fiesta Results
Tue Mar 21 3:30p

Elk Grove* 

W 104-31


Fri Mar 24 4:00p

Bronco Distance Carnival

Distance Runners Only

Sat Mar 25 9:00a Mark Macres Invitational Results
Wed Mar 29 3:30p



W 89-46

W 99-16




Mar 31

Apr 1

TBD Stanford Invitational Results



Apr 7

Apr 8

TBD Arcadia Invitational Results
Sat Apr 8 TBD Del Campo Distance Carnival  
Sat Apr 8 9:00a Thunder Invitational  
Tue Apr 11 9:00a

Jesuit Invitational

Meet Info Sheet

Wed Apr 19 3:30p


Pleasant Grove*

Senior Day

Sat Apr 22 9:00a Bella Vista Invitational  
Sat Apr 22 9:00a

Halden Invitational

Distance Runners Only

Fri Apr 28 3:30p

Sac Town F/S Races

Frosh-Soph Only

Fri Apr 28 4:00p

Sheldon Distance Carnival

Distance Runners Only

Sat Apr 29 9:00a

Sacramento Meet of Champions

Varsity Only

Fri May 5   Delta League Trials Results
Thu May 12   Delta League Finals Results
Wed May 17   Sectional Trials Results
Fri May 19   Sectional Finals Results
Thu May 25   Masters Trials  
Fri May 26   Masters Finals  
Fri Jun 2  

State Trials

Sat  June 3   State Finals  

BOLD Denotes Home Track Meet at Jesuit 

*Indicates Delta League Meet


Track & Field Roster – 2016-2017

Jonathon Amadi Sprints/Jumps 12
Jack Angeles Sprints 12
Chris Appel Distance 12
Michael Baleria Sprints/Jumps 12
Solomon Bannerman Hurdles/Jumps 12
Jose Batilando Sprints 12
Robert Bell Distance 12
Leland Buraga Throws 12
Timothy Brannan Distance 12
Will Burke Distance 12
Patrick Caslin Distance 12
Anthony Flores Distance  12
Diego Gallardo Sprints 12
Johnathan Harrington Sprints/Jumps 12
Benjamin Holland Distance 12
Brendan Jones Distance 12
Bryant Law Sprints 12
Jakob Lee   12
Javier Mercado Distance 12
Jack Murphy Throws 12
Andrew Strand Sprints 12
Ricky White Throws 12
Preston Alaniz Sprints 11
Yiannis Alexander Sprints/Jumps 11
Cole Baer Distance 11
Alex Barber Sprints 11
Justin Choa Sprints 11
Robert Ellison Distance 11
Joshua Farr Sprints/Jumps 11
Christopher Fines Sprints/Jumps 11
Sebastian Garcia Throws 11
Joshua Gillis All 11
Carson Harthun Throws 11
Peyton Heisinger Distance 11
Charles Horan Distance 11
Garrett Kenison Vault 11
DeMario Keyes Sprints 11
Brandon Madsen Distance 11
Ethan Mago Sprints 11
Jake Malaney Sprints/Jumps 11
Koner Maneewong Sprints 11
Kyle Masangya Sprints 11
Nolan Merz Sprints 11
Luke Moreno Distance 11
Nicholas Morrow Sprints/Jumps 11
Dominic Patrone Sprints 11
Jordan Pink Throws 11
William Porter Throws 11
Jordan Rahe Distance 11
Elliot Raskin Vault 11
Jacob Sasaura Sprints 11
Francis Tran Sprints 11
David Vincent Distance 11
Jacob Virga Sprints/Jumps 11
Kevin Wells Sprints 11
Kyle Young Distance 11
Kendric Bailey Sprints/Jumps 10
Saverio Bernardi Distance 10
Colin Brannan Distance 10
Edward Cabalona Throws 10
Robert Canalas Distance 10
Seamus Caslin Distance 10
Anthony de Guzman Sprints 10
Grant Deary Sprints 10
Arjun Deol Sprints 10
Benito Flores Distance 10
Nicholas Gamette Sprints 10
Jack Goings Sprints 10
David Gomez Sprints 10
Hank Harvego Sprints/Jumps 10
Brendan Higgins Sprints 10
Christian Honig Distance 10
Jacob Ito Sprints/Vault 10
Russell Kustic Distance 10
Abraham Lee Hurdles 10
Gabriel Lovely Distance 10
Zane Mainer Sprints 10
Jack Mumm Sprints 10
Andrew Nguyen Sprints/Jumps 10
Steven Noll Distance 10
Obinna Okoye Throws/Jumps 10
Jason Paulo Sprints 10
Mateo Perez Throws 10
Ashton Retodo Sprints/Jumps 10
Todd Russell Distance 10
Isaiah Rutherford Sprints 10
Colin Ryan Distance 10
Garrett Simpson Distance 10
Hunter Smith Distance 10
Robert Turner Sprints/Jumps 10
Miles Ubaldo Sprints 10
Antonia Vargas Sprints/Hurdles 10
Spencer Vigil Hurdles/Sprints 10
Miles Worthen Distance 10
Roman Andicochea Throws 9
Aiden Baker Hurdles/Sprints 9
William Blacet Vault 9
Dante Deiro Sprints 9
Ritvik Gadhok Sprints 9
Carlos Gomez-Favila Sprints 9
Eric Huitt Distance 9
Griffin Jones Sprints 9
Connor King Distance 9
Francisco Lallana Sprints 9
Jayson Leach Distance 9
Freddie Murillo Sprints 9
Joshua Noll Distance 9
Newtan Quinlan Throws 9
Nicholas Raskop Vault 9
Colin Seymour Sprints 9
Avi Shapiro Throws 9
Martin Smith Sprints/Jumps 9
Sebastian Smith Sprints/Jumps 9
Matthew Strangio Distance 9
Caelin Sutch Distance 9
Andrew Tanjuakio Sprints/Jumps 9
Nicolas Virga Sprints/Jumps 9
Jacob Wong Sprints/Hurdles 9

Rod Jett
Social Sciences, Mathematics & Track and Field

A Sacramento native, Rod graduated from Hiram Johnson High School in 1984, and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 1989. While at Cal, Rod was a three time All-American in the high hurdles. Rod competed professionally in track and field from 1989-1997, going to the U.S. Olympic Trials in 1988, 1992, and 1996. Rod began teaching and coaching in 1997 working at Sheldon High School (Elk Grove) and St, Mary’s High School (Berkeley) before coming to Jesuit in 2002. Rod currently teaches U.S. History and Global Studies.

Loyola Field

Jesuit Stadium
Hanson McClain Advisors Stadium

Hanson McClain Advisors Stadium is home to Football, Lacrosse, Rugby, Soccer, and Track and Field.

Pictured L to R: Walt Lange, Rod Jett, Tom McGuire, and John Badovinac
Coaches Rod Jett


Head Coach: Rod Jett

Distance Events: Walt Lange

Sprints/Relays: Randall Fairchild

Sprints: Mike Reid

Throws: John Badovinac, ‘97

Vault: Mike Kenison

Long Jump/Triple Jump: Jamal Elmidge

High Jump: Amy Sybesma

High Jump: Laura Frazier

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