Religious Core



Campus Ministry’s primary concern is to prepare each young man for life, leading him to become a faith-filled and value-centered person, within the model of Jesus Christ, centered in our Roman Catholic heritage, and in the tradition of Ignatius of Loyola. All of the religious activities at Jesuit are designed to respect each person’s religious tradition.

Campus Ministry dedicates itself to the task of bringing out in each person those spiritual gifts that lead people towards deeper love of self, others, and God in the building of God’s Kingdom.



Along with two major programs, Campus Ministry and Christian Service, the Theology Department has a special role in and focus on the spiritual formation of our young men.  While they provide meaningful and challenging experiences of prayer, reflection and service, Theology classes provide a framework and vocabulary to help the student analyze and critique his personal experience in light of the tradition of faith. 

The best way to understand how Theology is active in daily student life is through the curriculum and goals of the Theology Department.