Our program seeks to develop and cultivate the creative imagination of each of our students, who then bear witness to the beauty and imagination of God alive in our world


The robust Arts programs at Jesuit are an extension of our ultimate goal–the education of the whole person in mind, body, and spirit. With more than 22 vibrant arts offerings on campus, every student has the opportunity to explore their creativity.

The Arts

  • Teach our students to be creative, collaborative, compassionate and confident – skills that will serve them in all lifelong endeavors
  • Provide a platform for dialogue when all other discourse fails, and serve as a vehicle for social change
  • Are the gateway by which God is given a human form to impact and transform the lives of our students—helping them discover the greatness within themselves and, ultimately, in all of humanity



Welcome to the Black Box!

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About Jesuit Drama

Jesuit Drama celebrates over half a decade of producing student-centered, process-oriented work in the Ignatian tradition. 

Jesuit Drama students come together and work according to five core values: