Service by Year


Service by Year

Service Reminders

  • As of October 22, 2020, we are again able to support students in choosing in-person service. Students are still welcome to fulfill their 2021-22 Service and Justice requirement through entirely remote service opportunities. Additional resources are posted to Google Classroom. If this policy needs to change given changes in public health guidance, we will notify students through Google Classroom, and update posts in the Weekly Update email and the website. 
  • Students are still welcome to complete their Service and Justice requirement through remote opportunities.  Specific approved activities and agencies are available for students in the Service and Justice Google Classroom page, and here. Students are also welcome to propose their own project for review and approval. 
  • Service that is remote/contactless/virtual does not: 
  • Take place in-person at an agency (even if that agency is practicing physical distancing);
  • Involve direct contact with anyone outside of your immediate family.

4 Years of Service & Justice 

Jesuit facilitates service and justice work in the community throughout the student’s tenure at JHS. Through programming coordinated by the Office of Service and Justice, students are guided into direct service with our neighbors who experience acute need or some form of marginalization. Students are invited to serve with people experiencing chronic hunger, with children in under-resourced schools, with young adults living with developmental delays, with people living in homelessness, with elderly adults in assisted living centers, and with agencies responding to, as Pope Francis states in Laudato Si, “both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.” Students are also invited into the work of faith-based advocacy for justice. 

Service is an active response to our faith; a faith that is inspired by and pursues the example of Jesus by feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the sick, and inviting the outcast into friendship. In doing this we are able to grow closer to God and all of God’s beloved creation. In giving ourselves away we receive more than we could ever imagine.