Weekly Updates


Weekly Updates
Staying Connected Updates for our School

Jesuit Sacramento is continually monitoring and working with County and State health professionals and is ready to adapt plans to always keep the health and safety of our students and employees as our primary focus. We will share news continually throughout summer here, in our weekly communications, and then provide corresponding details in our Return to School section. 


Staying Connected – Jan 16
Special schedule next week - Monday holiday

Dear Parents, Students, Faculty and Staff,

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them” – Matthew 18:20

One of my greatest joys is developing relationships with the students, parents, faculty, and staff at Jesuit. Given the effects of COVID on education, consistently finding this joy has been an incredibly unique challenge this school year. I imagine developing and sustaining the relationships we hold dear has been a challenge for all of us on some level. The Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year holidays were all different as we found new ways to gather safely with those we love. I am proud of the faculty, staff, and families in this community for overcoming those challenges and adjusting to new ways of doing things throughout the first semester. I was equally thrilled to celebrate Mass for the first time together for the Mass for Peace and Justice on January 15. To paraphrase Fr. Petrich’s opening statement at Mass, being together and sharing the Gospel in the community reminds me that God is always amongst us in everything we do at Jesuit High School. As Matthew 18:20 says, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.

That desire to come together as a community is why so many people have continued to dedicate themselves to bringing students back onto campus as much as we can this semester. Seeing our campus come to life this week with more students, faculty, and staff in the hallways, in the classrooms, and on our practice fields brought a new sense of hope for 2021. Getting a chance to chat with parents as they dropped off their sons to participate in Wednesday’s fun and festive activities was the highlight of the week for me. We look forward to our next opportunities to bring students together to build community, learn together, have fun, and just be teenagers. As we roll out our plans for what is sure to be an exciting semester filled with learning and community building, I invite you all to lean into the hope that being on campus brings by being here together as often as we can. Parents, encourage your son to give more days of on-campus learning a try this semester. Students, gather groups of your friends and be with each other in class and at lunch. Seniors, reach out to Freshmen and help them become a part of our Brotherhood. Let us cherish the time we have together as a community over the coming months.

The next two weeks will have non-standard class schedules due to the holiday and National Test Day – please check the calendar closely. Students will have the opportunity to learn on campus for four days of classes. However, the order of class meetings will be shuffled around a bit at the beginning of the week due to the Martin Luther King Jr., holiday on January 18 and the PSAT day for registered Juniors on January 26. Please see the bundles below for more information and the bell schedule for each of the next two weeks.


Special Testing Message
For those that missed the on-campus drive through PCR test

If you are receiving this message, Jesuit has noted that you are currently distance learning for one of two reasons:

  • Family Choice to Distance Learn: Many of you have proactively made the choice to have your student remain home and Distance Learn, and we will continue to support you as we move further into the second semester. If at a future time you wish your student to return to campus, please contact Meghan Blees for information on when the next Return to Campus Orientation will be held.
  • Student Missed PCR Test:  You missed or chose, at that time, not to participate in the all-school drive-through PCR testing opportunity and would like an opportunity to return to campus without waiting the additional two weeks. 

Staying Connected – Jan 8
Back on campus for second semester and academic planning underway for next school year

Dear Parents, Students, Faculty and Staff,

These timely details and reminders will help us in our return to school next week. We are ready to welcome our students back onto the campus for the full week!

Additionally, you will see important academic planning already underway for our students’ 2021-2022 class schedule.

As a reminder, these weekly communications are also posted to the website and the bundled items can also be searched for on the website.   


Staying Connected – Dec 11

Please read the information below for the finals week schedule, events and happenings for the week ahead. We wish our students and community the happiest of holidays, and we will keep you all in our prayers as we enter repetitions and finals week. May our students feel quiet strength, calm minds, and steady focus as they prepare for and take their exams. 





Staying Connected – Dec 4 – A time for reflection and preparation
We want to hear from you - end of Fall Semester Family Survey

Parents and Friends,

With the end of the semester approaching, it is time to evaluate and reflect on the current hybrid learning experience in preparation for the second semester. Your input is very important to us and, as such, we are asking that families respond to this survey by Wednesday, December 9. Your feedback will allow us to better understand your experiences and desires to help guide our plans for the Spring semester. 


Staying Connected – Nov 20

For this week’s important communication from the President, please click here or scroll below for the copy of Jesuit Conversations.

Parents and Friends,

This morning our Faculty and Staff explored the transformational power of gratitude with prayer and reflection. We would like to share one of our reflections to send you and your families off on the Thanksgiving holiday. May you return from break rested, restored, and full of love.

A passage from Gratitude by Joyce Rupp:


Staying Connected – Oct 23
We are back on our campus and looking forward to upcoming events!

Parents and Friends,

We have concluded our first week of our phased return to campus using the hybrid learning model. We were delighted to see our students on campus, engaging with their peers, and attending classes. We had over 800 students on campus and screened almost 900 students and employees. It is helpful to think about this as just the beginning. Each week we will learn more and discover how to enhance the daily student experience. 


Staying Connected – Oct 16
Training, Screening and Return to Campus Update

Dean Theodule leads two students in training

Jesuit High School has now completed our all-class training week ahead of our return to campus that included our first antigen screening performed by Urgent Care Now (UCN), a presentation from school administrators, and a campus tour with specific attention to the various elements for virus mitigation. The student presence on campus was a welcome sight to faculty and staff who have been apart from students for so many months.


SPECIAL EDITION of Staying Connected – Oct 9
Our Return to Campus, Training Week and Start of In-person Classes

Dear Parents, Students, Faculty, Staff, and Friends

We are excited to welcome students back to campus! The endeavor to return to campus and restructure the second quarter of the fall semester is a large and complex task that we are navigating with a multidisciplinary team. We appreciate your support of this process and your patience as we learn together how to do this effectively and safely. There are many critical details in today’s message from the Leadership Team.


Staying Connected – Sept 25
Time to do a self-check and see what lies ahead - COVID update, Student Activities, Academics, Faith and Justice.

A message from the Principal to our students, parents, families and friends

It is hard to believe, but we are just two weeks away from the end of the first quarter! It is now time to check in with all members of the community to assess how we are doing and to consider adjustments for the second quarter. While we hesitate to predict the results of feedback before issuing surveys, I am confident that one predominant theme will emerge from the student, parent and teacher responses: the sustainability of our current plan with regard to teacher and student wellness. It is becoming increasingly clear that the demands of distance learning are creating unsustainable and possibly unhealthy levels of stress, fatigue, anxiety, and frustration. We are seeing this in our peer schools and schools nationwide.


Staying Connected – Sept 17
A good time to thank teachers!

Dear Parents, Students and Friends,

Last Wednesday, Fr. McGarry, S.J., and I had the opportunity to greet our students and families at the Marauder Take Over at the Drive-In event. We walked among the rows of cars and spoke with our guests on their experience at Jesuit so far this year. We were both struck by the overwhelming messages of gratitude and praise, especially for the teachers. We are also reminded of our collective longing for community and togetherness. 


Staying Connected – Sept 11

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Caregivers, 

My name is Jordan Brown, the Director of Equity and Inclusion at Jesuit High School Sacramento. I began this summer to facilitate an increased emphasis on diversity and anti-racism as part of the school’s journey towards providing all students with a welcoming and safe campus. As a former Jesuit High School student, I am grateful to have the opportunity to educate our community on more anti-racist practices. My experiences of studying abroad, teaching boys and young men of color, facilitating culturally relevant workshops, providing educational technology resources, and leading youth immersions have prepared me to take on this important role.