Student Publications


Literary / Arts Magazine

Welcome to Moorings, the Jesuit High School literary and arts journal! This publication serves as a platform for our student artists and writers to share their creative works. The name “Moorings” was chosen to evoke in our readers a spirit of quiet reflection and calmness in the face of a bustling world, not unlike the respite a sailor would receive from the biting wind and roiling waves at…well, his ship’s moorings.


A Jesuit High School Student Publication

Welcome to The Plank!  The Jesuit High School student newspaper will function as an information hub for all members of the Jesuit community.  Future, current, and former Jesuit students will now be able to easily access information about what is going on around Jesuit’s campus and how students are getting involved in their community.  The Plank’s home will be online and will feature a monthly print edition.  Thank you for visiting and we are excited for another great Plank year.