Thank you for your interest in Jesuit High School, Sacramento! 

Hey, future Marauders—it isn’t too early to get to know us! Many of our events are open to 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

Step 1 — Get to Know Us!

Inquiry Form

Fill out our Inquiry Form to get access to PreHSPT signups, Open House, Tours, and Shadow Days.

  • Consider signing up for one of our Summer Programs. Summer camps let you hang out on the campus and meet current students working as counselors, coaches and teachers. 
  • Also, check the calendar for other events such as Athletic special events, student club workshops, and Neighborhood Dinners. (What is a Neighborhood Dinner? Think of it as a type of School Visitation Day with food.) 

Step 2 — Apply

Online Admissions System

  • If you are interested in our school as an incoming Freshmen or transfers check out our Admissions Process
  • If you are interested in learning about or applying for financial help to pay tuition, check out our Tuition Assistance program. 

Step 3 — Test & Interview

  • Your application isn’t complete until you have taken the placement test. Commonly referred to as the HSPT this standardized test is used by all Catholic schools. Your test is included in your application fee. Learn more about the HSPT

    • 7th Graders can take a practice exam called the preHSPT
  • Student and parent/guardian interviews get scheduled when you complete your online application

Shadow Day Program

If your son attends a Catholic or private school that receives an admissions visit, a shadow day has already been scheduled for your son.

Jesuit’s Shadow Day Program is a terrific way for 8th, 9th or 10th-grade students to experience what it is like to be a Jesuit student. While shadowing is not a mandatory part of the application process, applicants continually report that the shadow visit provides the best opportunity for them to experience life at Jesuit High School.


Neighborhood Dinners
Super-charged Visitation Day With Food

Missed Open House? Questions about the admissions process? What is the HSPT? Is Jesuit the right fit?

The Jesuit High School Neighborhood Dinner will provide our prospective 7th and 8th-grade families with another chance to join us on campus to answer any questions about Jesuit High School. 

This is not a mandatory event and does not have any bearing on our admissions process. The event is for prospective 7th and 8th-grade families only and will include a wonderful dinner.


Jesuit’s Tuition Assistance Program
Everything You Need to Know about Financial Aid

Jesuit’s Tuition Assistance Program

Tuition assistance is available to students with a demonstrated financial need and has no bearing on admission. We base tuition aid awards on need, not on merit. We do not offer academic or athletic scholarships. Through the generosity of our benefactors, we have an established scholarship endowment fund which provides tuition assistance in the form of direct family grants. Jesuit’s tuition assistance program is an annual program and families must reapply each year. Please note that tuition assistance is restricted to tuition charges only and cannot be applied to fees or other costs.


Placement Testing

The High School Placement Test (HSPT) is a standardized test used by all Catholic Schools. The good news? If you are applying to another Catholic high school (such as Christian Brothers) you only need to take the test once and request to share your results. If you need testing accommodations, please contact the Admissions office prior to the test.

The PreHSPT is a practice version of this test for 7th graders.


Contact Admissions
Let’s Connect #FutureMarauder!

Fill out our inquiry form to receive the latest information from Jesuit Admissions, notifications of upcoming Jesuit events and so much more! Learn why Jesuit High School continues to be an excellent choice for educating young men in the greater Sacramento area. 

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