Summer Reading Assignments

Every student at Jesuit is expected to read a book over the summer. Books are assigned to each year level and will be included in coursework for the 23-24 school year. Also, any student that is taking an AP/Honors/XL class will likely have summer work to do in order to prepare them for the following school year.



The philosophy of the Jesuit High School Counseling Department is rooted firmly in the Jesuit concept of cura personalis, that is, to address the needs of each individual. Therefore, this comprehensive counseling program seeks to meet the personal, academic, college and career needs of our students.


Academic Support Center

Jesuit High School is committed to creating a supportive and inclusive academic learning environment. The Academic Support Center seeks to ensure that all students have full and equal access to this educational environment.  We recognize that every student is unique and in keeping with our commitment to Cura Personalis (care for the whole person), Jesuit High School offers programs and support for students with learning differences. Additionally, we assist faculty in their efforts to provide reasonable accommodations and equal access to learning.