Student Activities


Student Government

The members of the Jesuit High School Executive Council are the school’s elected representatives. The Executive Council is responsible for promoting efficient communication between the students, the faculty, and the administration. They help organize the student body so that it may act with one voice on academic, athletic, social and other affairs.

In addition, members of the Executive Council assist with the coordination of co-curricular activities and encourage the development of school spirit through participation.


Galley Crew

Jesuit High School has a long and proud tradition of supporting the Marauders in various competitions. This deep-rooted enthusiasm manifests itself in the form of the Galley Crew, which is a source of pride for students, faculty and staff, parents, alums and benefactors. The Galley Crew can be seen and heard at Jesuit competitions, cheering the Marauders on to victory. All Jesuit High School students are welcome in the Galley Crew.