Transcripts and Forms


Transcript Requests for Alumni or Former Students

Thank you for visiting the Office of the Registrar. Please complete the web form to place a transcript request. Be sure to FAX (916) 480-2119 or email any required forms that must be sent with your transcript request to Mrs. Debbie Case in the Main Office within 24 hours of your request. Your first three transcripts are provided at no charge; however, there is a $5 fee for each additional transcript that you request. Please allow 24 hours for your request to be processed.


Transcript Request for Current Students

Please complete the webform below for all transcript requests not related to college applicationsIf you are a current senior completing college applications, all transcript requests must be submitted through Naviance beginning in August.

CSU’s and UC’s are “self-reporting” schools and do not require an initial transcript. 


Transcript Requests for Student Athletes

Thank you for visiting the Office of the Registrar. Please complete the web form to place an “Open Athletic” transcript request. This is an “Open” request for transcripts to be sent to any coach/college/university requesting them on my behalf. By submitting this form I am authorizing that an unofficial transcript may be emailed to the requesting coach/college/university for athletic interest purposes.


Instructions for Obtaining a Work Permit

  1. Click HERE to print off the State of California Statement of Intent to Employ a Minor and Request for Work Permit – Certificate of Age Form.
  2. Complete the information under “Minor’s Information.”
  3. Take the form to your employer to complete the information under “To be filled in and signed by employer.”
  4. Your parent or guardian MUST sign the form under “To be filled in and signed by parent or guardian.” By signing this form, you (the parent/guardian) are confirming to the best of y