Immersions and Camps


Immersions and Camps

Immersions and Camps

Immersions invite us to enter into community and service with our neighbors whose lives might be unfamiliar to us. They require cultural humility, openness, flexibility, and generosity. This site is intended to help you learn more about our Service Immersion Program for Sophomores and Juniors at Jesuit High School.

Learn more by watching the video by Jack Bratset ’19 where he shares his Camp Rec reflections.


Immersion Program Objectives

“A Jesuit school develops programs through which students experience what it means to labor with and for others in solidarity, building a more just and equitable world breaking through circumstantial disparities to know the other as self.”

Our Way of Proceeding: Standards & Benchmarks for Jesuit Schools in the 21st Century


Event Barry Gym

Immersion Information Meeting
Welcome Center, Collaboration Period

This is an information session for current Sophomores and Juniors and their parents/guardians interested in the Summer 2022 Immersion Program.

Please join us in the Welcome Center (inside Barry Gym) at 8:20 am.

Or attend the Zoom meeting on October 19

This meeting covers the same content as the evening meeting over Zoom on Oct 19. Attendance is only necessary at one. 

Additional information about immersions can be found on Immersions and Camps


​What are Immersion experiences about?

Our service immersion program offers rising Juniors and Seniors an opportunity to put their faith into action in a particular way. The service experiences are about responding to the Gospel call to serve those in need, while questioning the reasons behind why people are in need. While each immersion has its own unique focus, they all encourage participants to live in solidarity with people experiencing acute needs like hunger, homelessness, physical or developmental disability, isolation due to old age or illness, or dislocation due to migration.


Immersion Experiences
Summer 2022

At present, we are planning 8 local and domestic immersions for Summer 2022. The locations are as follows:

Kansas City, MO (Jerusalem Farm)

We will be living simply and giving of our time and energy to help others primarily with home maintenance and repair so that they may have adequate shelter. The Jerusalem Farm community (, which provides our housing, is led by an alumnus of Jesuit High School. Approximate cost: $1,450