Jesuit JV Red vs Rio Americano
Friday, December 7, 2018


The JV Red soccer team hosted Rio Americano last Friday on a beautiful sunny day, with both teams anxiously awaiting this matchup. During the first half the teams were evenly matched, and neither could get the ball cross the line. Jesuit had a great header go just wide, and Rio hit the post in the closing minutes. There was more of the same in the early minutes of the second half, but finally with 18 minutes to go Sam Berry slid into Michael Roush’s through ball and put it under the keeper. Three minutes later Roush took his own shot from way outside and it slipped through the keeper’s hand to bring the score 2-0. Jesuit wasn’t done yet though, and Sam Berry scored again off another keeper mistake. The Marauders managed to keep the shutout despite many scoring chances by Rio in the later minutes of the game.

Final Score: Jesuit 3, Rio Americano 0

submitted by Maro Verrios Maguire