Pod Library

Free Tutoring in Library!
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ lunch and after school

California Scholarship Federation (CSF) offers free tutoring for all subjects on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at lunch and after school in the library quiet room.

These tutors are excellent students who can offer guidance and knowledgeable tutoring to students when and where they need it:  AT SCHOOL!  We are here to help on a drop-in basis so seek out CSF tutoring if you/your son is struggling or just needs some help with homework. 


Insider’s Look at College Applications and the Admissions Process
Regional Admission Counselors of California Case Study College Night

College representatives will lead parents and students through a mock admission committee using three diverse cases. The exercise will point out the intricacies of the college application process, the strengths and weaknesses of the mock candidates, and the importance of assembling a strong application. Guests will gain insight and understanding as to what is valued in the application through the presentation done in a case study style. The evening will conclude with a mini college fair.


Re-enrollment info — TADS and Final Forms
Deadline of March 27, 2020

Jesuit uses TADS, our third-party billing provider, and Final Forms, a registration software, to complete the re-enrollment process. On March 11th, you will receive instructional emails from both TADS and Final Forms. These emails will include all the information required to complete the re-enrollment process and to set up your tuition billing account. The deadline to complete your re-enrollment, including payment of the registration fee, is March 27, 2020.  The registration fee is non-refundable and is necessary to guarantee a place for your son in the school for the 20


2020 Pacific Northwest College Tour
Summer College Tour

Discover how a panoramic playground of mountains, rivers, and forests plays an important role in student life—academic and otherwise—as you visit colleges and universities across the Pacific Northwest. This is an excellent opportunity for your son to visit a wide variety of schools and discover what will be the right fit. Traveling with a group removes the headache and expense of your family planning a trip across the country, buying multiple plane tickets, renting a car, finding hotel rooms, and designing an itinerary.


Raw but Real Communication
Raw but Real: Communicating with Your Teen

Raw but REAL. They see it! They know it! Let’s Talk! 

Are we talking about things that matter to our kids; relationships and social media? What are the messages your children are hearing and how are they impacted? Learn strategies to talk about tough issues. 

Laini Golden, LCSW and Monica Shapiro, LCSW will be hosting a workshop for parents with children ages 12-18 on how to communicate with your teen.

When: Tuesday, March 3, 2020 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Where: Arden Park Community Center 

Cost: $25 per person


Campus Security: Pick-up and Drop-off Procedures
Please take note of these important procedures for picking-up and dropping-off during the school day.

If you need to pick-up or drop-off an item for your son during the school day, please do so on Jacob Lane through the Dean’s Office, and not from the Fair Oaks entrance near the Gym/Harris Center area. Our Campus Security Team works hard to identify people who are coming onto campus during the course of the school day and your attention to this drop-off/pick-up procedure will help them to maintain the safety of everyone on campus. If you would like to have your son come out to the car to pick-up an item so that you do not have to get out of the car, please have him check


2020-21 Calendar Update: Student Mid-Semester Break
Significant change for next year's school calendar

This message aims to explain one relatively significant change to the calendar. For the 2020-21 school year, we are introducing a Student Mid-Semester Break from Monday, February 15 – Friday, February 19. One main consideration behind adding this break to the schedule is the concern for the long stretch of class time between the start of the Spring Semester and Easter Break. This long stretch can create fatigue for both teachers and students, which we are sensitive to for both populations.  


2020-21 Scheduling
Scheduling Collaboration Dates

Beginning January 17 until March 6, students will meet with their counselors during Collaboration Periods to make scheduling requests for the upcoming school year courses. After Collaboration, students should go over their requests with their parents. Following Collaboration, counselors will begin meeting with students one-on-one to finalize their course requests. At the individual student meeting, students will be handed the Graduation Progress and Course Selection sheet.


Student Wellness over Break
Rest. Restore. Refuel. Good tips for year-round!

The holiday season, including weeks where your son is not in school, is an opportunity to listen for clues indicating that he needs help with mental health concerns.  Being even more attentive or intentional during these “breaks” is also great practice for when your son leaves home for pursuits after high school and returns home for holiday gatherings. Holidays are a golden opportunity to take notice.