Student Schedules
for Fall 2020

We are actively engaged in building our Master Schedule. Based on the work gathering course requests our counselors performed with students this spring, we are building a schedule that will accommodate all of our student’s college prep needs and hopefully address all of their requests. Schedules will be available to our students and their families during the first week of July. An email will be sent notifying families of the available schedule in PowerSchool and will include instructions on how to request schedule changes if necessary.

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On-Campus, Complimentary Sports Physical Update
Not currently offered, but yearly physical still mandatory

Jesuit has been proud to have parent volunteers that are medical professionals serve our students with complimentary sports physical each year. Sadly, our planned June 2020 date will not be able to be held due to the current health crisis. We are hopeful that it can be rescheduled to a later date this summer and managed in smaller groups following proper virus mitigation protocols. Still, it is just too soon to determine that.


Online Survey for Parents
Jesuit Schools Network

We are about to embark upon our Sponsorship Review.  The Sponsorship Review is a self-study every 6 years in which we reflect on how we as a community live out our Catholic and Jesuit mission.  The sponsorship or endorsement of Jesuits West, our province, can be considered as the expression of the quality of our relationship with the province.  One can think of this review as the last chapter of the school’s accreditation in which we will look at our deepest Ignatian identity and in which we will celebrate our strengths and identify areas for growth.


2020 Pacific Northwest College Tour
Summer College Tour

Discover how a panoramic playground of mountains, rivers, and forests plays an important role in student life—academic and otherwise—as you visit colleges and universities across the Pacific Northwest. This is an excellent opportunity for your son to visit a wide variety of schools and discover what will be the right fit. Traveling with a group removes the headache and expense of your family planning a trip across the country, buying multiple plane tickets, renting a car, finding hotel rooms, and designing an itinerary.


Campus Security: Pick-up and Drop-off Procedures
Please take note of these important procedures for picking-up and dropping-off during the school day.

If you need to pick-up or drop-off an item for your son during the school day, please do so on Jacob Lane through the Dean’s Office, and not from the Fair Oaks entrance near the Gym/Harris Center area. Our Campus Security Team works hard to identify people who are coming onto campus during the course of the school day and your attention to this drop-off/pick-up procedure will help them to maintain the safety of everyone on campus. If you would like to have your son come out to the car to pick-up an item so that you do not have to get out of the car, please have him check


2020-21 Calendar Update: Student Mid-Semester Break
Significant change for next year's school calendar

This message aims to explain one relatively significant change to the calendar. For the 2020-21 school year, we are introducing a Student Mid-Semester Break from Monday, February 15 – Friday, February 19. One main consideration behind adding this break to the schedule is the concern for the long stretch of class time between the start of the Spring Semester and Easter Break. This long stretch can create fatigue for both teachers and students, which we are sensitive to for both populations.  


2020-21 Scheduling
Scheduling Collaboration Dates

Beginning January 17 until March 6, students will meet with their counselors during Collaboration Periods to make scheduling requests for the upcoming school year courses. After Collaboration, students should go over their requests with their parents. Following Collaboration, counselors will begin meeting with students one-on-one to finalize their course requests. At the individual student meeting, students will be handed the Graduation Progress and Course Selection sheet.


Calendar and Daily Bell Schedule
Includes printable versions

ONLINE electronic calendar:  View Full Calendar

A printable version of the school calendar: Download 2019-2020 Calendar

A printable version of the Bell Schedule: Download Regular Bell Schedule

A printable version of the Collaboration Schedule: Download All 2019-2020 Collaboration Periods

To add your calendar to an existing Google calendar—click ‘+’ (‘add new calendar’) under Other Calendars. Select ‘From URL’ option. Paste in and it should subscribe you to the full school calendar.

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School Schedule FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

​Collaboration Periods

What is a Collaboration Period?

Most Wednesdays begin with a “Collaboration Period” which run from 8:15-9:30 a.m.  Some Collaboration Periods are used for faculty and some are used for students. 

Collaboration Periods for faculty include things like Professional Learning Community meetings and additional department meeting time (for things like year-level meetings or interdepartmental collaboration). 


PowerSchool Login & FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions

PowerSchool Login

How do I get started?

The PowerSchool Parent Access System is intended to provide parents, students and teachers with a tool to communicate student performance. It is a Web-based application that may be accessed from any place the parent/guardian can access the Internet. The application is a secure link that encrypts the data to and from the end user. In addition, a username and password are provided to allow access for only authorized users to the appropriate student record.