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Overdue Detention
Learn the Dean's Office expectations of students and escalation of discipline for overdue detentions beginning Nov. 1

When a student receives a detention, aka “JUG”, from a faculty or staff member, it is entered and communicated to students via email. It is a student’s responsibility to check his Jesuit assigned email regularly and to come into the Dean’s Office to discuss the circumstances that led to his referral for JUG. Students will be held accountable for all information communicated in this manner and must follow the instructions given in each email communication.


Dress Code & Personal Appearance Policy
Includes examples and dress policies for standard, casual and dress attire

Jesuit High School believes that student appearance has an impact on attitude and behavior. It is the responsibility of parents to see that their student is properly dressed and groomed for school. Students are expected to adhere to the dress code throughout the school day and they are to be properly groomed at school-sponsored events. Violations will result in detention (JUG). Students found to be in flagrant or repeated violation may be denied entrance into class and/or sent home from school.


School Locker Request
Limited availability

Student Lockers will be available upon request only. All students interested in having an on-campus locker for the 2021-22 school year must complete the form below. Once the form is completed, the student will receive an email on their Jesuit email account within 24-48 hours with his locker number and combination. 

Locker Request Page

If there are any questions about lockers, please see Mrs. Harrison in the Dean’s Office.


What to do if COVID or symptoms are in my household?
Let the school nurse know and she'll walk you through next steps

If you have COVID symptoms, a positive test or screening, an exposure (such as another member of your household who has symptoms or a positive test) please let us know! We are here to help!

Reporting and managing possible COVID is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Don’t come to campus.
  2. Call the school nurse. Our onsite medical professional will walk you through all your next steps.
  3. For students missing school, remember to call the attendance line.

Student Drop-off/Pick-up

Freshman and Sophomores – American River Dr

  • Drop-off along American River Drive
  • Students walk and enter campus off American River Drive through gates by Parking Lot E
  • Remember always park on the school side of the street and be respectful of neighbors

Juniors and Seniors – near Chapel/Gym

  • Please enter through the main entrance (O’Donnell Entrance off Fair Oaks)
  • From there you will be guided to drop your student off near the Chapel or the Gym

Virtual Parking Map

image of books stacked on shelf

2021-2022 Textbook List

Order info

We have worked to provide a streamlined approach in directing you to online merchants from whom you may purchase your course materials. Rather than shopping around online at multiple merchant sites one by one, this link allows you to obtain the same results with just a few simple clicks. It eliminates the need to copy and paste multiple ISBNs over and over again into individual merchant sites in order to find the best deal.

All of our ebooks can now be accessed by any device operating system (windows, iOS, or Mac) via the internet.

PLEASE NOTE:  When you are working on the textbooks page, please do not use the “back” button on your browser.  This creates an error where the system does not perform as expected and you will see the same books you just looked at.  If you need to go back, there is a “Go Back” button on the page (under the Jesuit Logo Shield) that will take you to the correct location.  This is a known problem with the developer and they are working on a solution.

Order textbooks for 2021-2022 school year

For assistance in ordering Algebra 1, Geometry / Geometry B / Geometry XL and Algebra 2 / 2H digital books, please click here.

For all current policies regarding the textbooks please refer the section on Textbooks/Ebooks in your Student Parent Handbook and any direct communications from the school. 


Parking Permit Application
Sophomores, juniors, seniors need a parking permit for student lot by Sept 7

Limited availability, order online & pickup 

Apply for Parking Permit

Vehicles without a visible parking permit displayed on the rearview mirror will receive a ticket beginning on the morning of Tuesday, September 7, 2021.


Permits are $25 for the 2021-2022 school year and are now available for purchase. Purchase online and pick up in the Dean’s Office starting Wednesday, August 11, 2021. 


Closed Campus
Jesuit High School remains a closed campus during the course of the school day

It is our expectation that students will not switch from on-campus learning to distance learning (or vice versa) during the course of the day without a parent notifying the Dean’s Office. Any student who needs to leave campus early or arrive on campus late for any reason should have a parent/guardian leave a message for the Dean’s Office through the attendance line. This communication is critical for the Dean’s Office to maintain accurate attendance records for all students that are present on campus. 


7 Principles of Constructive Dialogue
Framework for respectful conversations for our community

Taken from the updated Faculty Handbook (Appendix E-7 Principles of Constructive Dialogue)

To guide our conversations, all members of our community will commit to following the 7 Principles of Constructive Dialogue. These Principles will provide the framework for respectful conversations so we may all learn and grow from each other’s insights and perspectives.

  1. Presume good intentions
    If someone says something you disagree with or which you don’t understand, assume that the person has good intent. Ask questions and seek first to clarify, not to disregard the comment. St. Ignatius of Loyola reminds us that we should be “more ready to put a good interpretation on another’s statement than to condemn it as false.”
  2. Use “I” statements
    Your experience is true for you, but it may not be universal. Speak about your experiences and things that are true for you. Use statements that begin with “I think that…,” “I feel….,” or “It seems to me….” Avoid statements that begin with “You know how you…..,” “We all believe….,” or “Everyone knows…..” 
  3. Understand that the speaker’s experience is valid for him/her
    Although an individual’s experience may be different than yours, that doesn’t make it any less

Academic, College, and Wellness Counseling


As you head into finals week next week remember that while it is important to strive for your best on your exams, your health and well-being is even more important. As the posters around campus highlight from the Impact Distracted Driving campaign: Instincts Matter. Instincts matter when you are driving, and instincts matter in our everyday experiences with ourselves and others. Pause, assess, and if necessary Speak Up.


National Merit Recognition, Class of 2021
Congratulations to our commended students

Congratulations to Peter Wisner, ’21, for being named a semi-finalist in the 2021 National Merit Scholarship Program!

The following members of the Class of 2021 were recognized as National Merit Commended Students:

  • Evan M. Bird
  • Daniel S. Burky
  • Santiago C. Chang
  • Andrew W. Condrin
  • Donovan J. Jasper
  • Zachary Leslie
  • Andrew T. Loehr
  • William T. Segale
  • Alfred Yu

Additional congratulations to the members of the Class of 2021 who have received a commendation as part of the National Hispanic Recognition Program:

  • Christopher K. Raboy
  • Isaias Iniguez-Sandoval
  • Carlos M. Contreras IV
  • Joseph N. Watanabe
  • George D. Sicner
  • Santiago C. Chang

The National Merit Scholarship competition seeks to recognize students for their outstanding performance on the PSAT as juniors (taken in October 2019), as well as sustained high achievement in the classroom.


Student Social Media Best Practices

These guidelines suggest best practices regarding the publication of commentary on social media by students.

For the purposes of these guidelines, social media means any facility for online publication and commentary, including but not limited to: websites, blogs, wikis, social networking sites such as Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube.


Student Parent Handbook
2021-2022 handbook in Final Forms

The 2021-2022 Student-Parent Handbook is now available in FinalForms and also on this website. 

Please Note: Both students and parents will need to log in to FinalForms and independently acknowledge receipt and acceptance of the contents no later than Friday, August 6th. 


Letters of Recommendation FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common letters of recommendation questions that we get from students during the college application cycle. This is the same information that we communicated to students and parents in our college information nights, college advising meetings, and during collaboration periods. We thought it may be useful to have this information in a cohesive and easily accessible document for your reference.