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Family Choice – On campus or Distance Learning 

Jesuit Sacramento understands the uncertainty of doing a weekly screening and the many details this program involves, along with the strict virus mitigation practices while on campus, mean that some families will choose to remain in distance learning. We respect and understand this decision. We also know that distance learning for some students and their families has been very difficult and a return to campus, even for two days a week, will be a major benefit academically and for their overall wellness. As we work through these logistics and experience our phased return to school, we realize some families may choose to return to distance learning and others may decide later to attend in person. Students may exercise this freedom if they have completed their initial screening and training.


Catholic Voter Resources
Voting is an Act of Love

“‘Love ought to show itself in deeds more than in words.’

These powerful words from St. Ignatius of Loyola remind us that casting a ballot can be an act of love—a way to live out the greatest commandments, to love and serve God and to love our neighbor. This fall, exercise the right and responsibility to vote for candidates and issues that support the common good and concern for the most vulnerable people in our society” (Ignatian Solidarity Network). 


Parking Permit Application
Juniors, seniors need a parking permit for student lot


Parking permits are $25

Who, where, when, why

Student Parking Permits are now available for purchase online for $25. Once the online purchase is complete, students are asked to pick up their permit in the Dean’s Office starting Monday, October 12th. 

Our on-campus parking is more limited than normal this year.  Therefore, permits are only available for Juniors and Seniors at this time


School Locker Request
Limited availability

Student Lockers will be available upon request only. Due to social distancing requirements, only a limited number of student lockers will be available. Once the form is completed (if a locker is available), the student will receive an email with his locker number and combination.

Please note: form access is limited to Jesuit students with school gmail account  

Locker Request Page


Virtual Internship Opportunity
Marketing Intern for TeachAids, application due 9/28

Plans for a Jesuit High School Summer Internship Program are in the works, but a unique virtual internship opportunity has recently come our way and we are excited to open up the application process to current juniors and seniors. Getting real-life work experience, building one’s professional network, and developing a more competitive college application are just a few of the benefits of an internship.  TeachAids, a health education non-profit collaborating with Stanford University, USA Football, and the US Olympic Committee, has a unique opportunity for two Jesuit juniors or seni


Service and Justice Resources
For All Students

Students can access all Service and Justice resources in their grade-level Service and Justice Google Classroom Page. Resources available there include: 

  • Service Directory
  • One-time service events and instructions on how to sign up
  • Service and Justice Agreement to be signed by all students and parents
  • Service and Justice Program Goals and Policies
  • Service Site Proposal Form

2020-2021 Textbook List

Order info

We have worked to provide a streamlined approach in directing you to online merchants from whom you may purchase your course materials. Rather than shopping around online at multiple merchant sites one by one, this link allows you to obtain the same results with just a few simple clicks. It eliminates the need to copy and paste multiple ISBNs over and over again into individual merchant sites in order to find the best deal.


Download Student Calendar Planning Tool

The attached file is an importable calendar file (.ics file format) that you can download and import into any standard calendar app—Google Calendar, the OS/iOS Calendar app, etc. It contains the entire fall semester’s bell schedule with daily period meeting times. The schedule is set so that each class meeting in a week repeats from week to week; short weeks are already programmed for you. If you import it into a calendar app of your choice, you can customize it by changing the period names to match your schedule, adding Zoom links to each meeting, and more.


Staying Connected
Weekly Jesuit Sacramento Update

Staying Connected provides parents, students, faculty, and staff valuable information about happenings at Jesuit High School Sacramento. 

We also invite our greater Jesuit Sacramento community to read this newsletter to find out what is happening at 1200 Jacob Lane and to keep in touch with your Marauders.


Share Your Concussion Story

As part of Jesuit Athletic’s partnership for concussion education with TeachAids, a health education non-profit collaborating with Stanford University, USA Football, and the US Olympic Committee, we have a unique opportunity for students and parents. 


Student Schedules
for Fall 2020

As of Tuesday, July 28, all students and parents should have received an email from Jesuit Sacramento sharing schedule information.

Returning students will receive an email directing them to PowerSchool for their schedule.

Incoming Freshmen and transfer students will receive a separate email with instructions on how to access their schedule as well as additional orienting information.

All student emails will contain directions for accessing our textbook list.



Student Athlete Assessment Opportunity

All students and student-athletes are invited to sign up for an opportunity to meet one-on-one through Zoom with Athletic Director Hank Weinberger to get insight into who they are as athletes.  Students will get insight into what kind of athlete they are and learn how to translate that into success on the field, court and in the pool.  To start this process, students just need to fill out a very brief form to indicate interest in this customized athletic assessment.  After completing the two-minute survey, stude


Free Online Tutoring Available
Details posted in the CSF Digital Tutoring Classroom

Free tutoring for students, by students! CSF is a group of really academically talented students with sound experience in every subject.

Join Zoom Meeting


Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays after school from 3:15-4:00 pm

We are here to answer homework questions, maybe read your essay for class or help you with study skills and organization. Please join us on zoom, we would love to help! 

Image of card sliding into envelope

Christian Service Online
An optional letter writing opportunity to help others in isolation

Given the current need for social distancing, many people are experiencing isolation in new, deeper ways. For people who were already isolated, this social distancing can be especially painful.

To respond to this reality, we will be inviting our students to engage in an optional service opportunity by writing a letter to a client or resident (or multiple clients or residents) at one of several non-profit agencies and programs. 

Pod Jay Nacionales

Tips to Train From Home

In response to the current school closure, the Jesuit Sports Performance Team is committed to providing guidance and support not only to our students-athletes, but the entire school community while campus is closed.  Physical and mental well-being is not something to be taken for granted, therefore we will continue to reference the current research and employ standard practices to provide the very best health advice. All current research supports this balanced, minimalistic protocol for promoting comprehensive wellness and basic human performance. 


Bell Schedule, Collaborations, and Calendars
We are currently following Q2 "On-Campus Hybrid" schedules

All calendared school events and activities, along with the daily bell schedule and student Collaboration information and dates, are now available to view online through the school calendar.

Please refer frequently to the online calendar on the Jesuit High School website for the most up-to-date information on upcoming events and the daily bell schedule.  

Online calendar:  View Full Calendar


Student Parent Handbook
2020-21 handbook now through Final Forms

The 2020-21 Student-Parent handbook is being finalized and will be distributed to each student and family through Final Forms. When the handbook becomes available, you will be notified via email by Final Forms. At that time, please log into your account to sign and submit the form acknowledging receipt of the handbook and confirming your agreement to conform to Jesuit High School’s standards of conduct.

Pod David Zielke Margie Wagner

School Schedule FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

About the Daily Schedule


  • Office Hours and/or Collaborations availability each morning
  • 60-minute classes, 2 class meetings per week
  • 15 minute passing between classes, 5 minutes after lunch
  • 2 groups (A/B) with 40 minutes for lunch when on-campus
  • 1 lunch group when in Distance Learning

Since we first announced our adapted bell schedule in early July, we received the feedback we had hoped for and have made some revisions.


Academic, College, and Wellness Counseling


As you head into finals week next week remember that while it is important to strive for your best on your exams, your health and well-being is even more important. As the posters around campus highlight from the Impact Distracted Driving campaign: Instincts Matter. Instincts matter when you are driving, and instincts matter in our everyday experiences with ourselves and others. Pause, assess, and if necessary Speak Up.


Letters of Recommendation FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common letters of recommendation questions that we get from students during the college application cycle. This is the same information that we communicated to students and parents in our college information nights, college advising meetings, and during collaboration periods. We thought it may be useful to have this information in a cohesive and easily accessible document for your reference.