Jesuit Soccer Beats Cosumnes Oaks, 9-0
Friday, January 18, 2019


On Friday, January 18, Jesuit took on Cosumnes Oaks at home in their second meeting. CO was missing about six of their starters, but the stage was still set for a competitive game. The first goal happened surprisingly early, when Cole Barrett crossed a short one near side to a mass of players, both offensive and defensive, and Chris got onto it. He couldn’t capitalize but it came back out to Matthew Kahn who put in the light finish. This was in the 3rd minute. In the 19th minute Zach Lozano crossed a perfect ball to a waiting head and the play was finished. Then in the 22nd minute Cole crossed it from the left side across to Chris Meyers who hit a left-footed banger. Two minutes later, Meyers and Julian Churchill progressed up the field together, and Chris passed it to Julian who put it in. Jesuit was off to an expedient start.

Half Jesuit 4-0 Cosumnes Oaks

Right at the break of the second half, in the 46th minute, Luke Bone effortlessly hit a cracking left-footed banger. Three minutes later Chris Meyers scored again. Then in the 50th minute Luke headed up to the penalty box and spread a pass to an overlapping Matthew Kahn who took the ball up a little and then released it to Chris in the middle. Chris upon arrival of the ball quickly shot it in before the defense could expect it. In the 69th minute Jesuit put on a pressuring offense and someone put in a perfect through ball that awaited an offense-man to finish it, but it was so perfect that a Cosumnes Oaks defender scored the pass into his own net. To cap off the game, in the 79th minute, Josh Chou laid a pass off to Jack Maguire on the far left side and he quickly let off a solid pass to Sean Burke in the middle who put in a finishing shot, solid as ever. The game ended 9-0 to the home team, and Jesuit improves to a 14-2-2 record.

submitted by Gage Biery ‘20