Jesuit Varsity Soccer Bears Rival Christian Brothers 6-0
Tuesday, December 4, 2018


by Gage Biery ‘20

Jesuit varsity soccer took on Christian Brothers at home Tuesday afternoon in arguably the best high school sports rivalry in Sacramento. The crowd was pretty full and the atmosphere was riveting from early on. Only about 40 seconds in, a straightforward pass was given to Zach Lozano who sprinted far up the right flank and drilled a ground ball straight across the box, where Cole Barrett met it to sink a satisfying ball in the back of the net. In the 16th minute CB got a penalty kick a little outside the box on the left side, and when the whistle was blown a player hit a nice curving shot that luckily hit the inside of the post and went straight to the Jesuit keeper. In the 43rd minute Brian Norris sprinted through the midfield and into the box past many defenders and stamped a ball into the side netting past the keeper. A little before halftime, in the 45th minute, a big Jesuit attack evolved with many players getting a knock at the ball, and finally the ball fell nicely to Cole Barrett who put it in.

Half Jesuit 3-0 Christian Brothers

In the 58th minute, some good offense was going on that easily exposed the defense, and the ball that started on the left slide was slid, with a little resistance, over to the right side to a waiting Elijah Beverley, who displayed a nice backwards finish. In the 72nd minute tenacious CB midfielder Hunter Dierlam cracked a fast shot that dipped just over the crossbar. Seven minutes later, Jake L’Ecuyer unexpectedly streaked up the left side of the field and passed nicely across the box to Brian Norris who put in an easy but solid finish. In the first minute of stoppage time after 80 minutes, and roughly the last minute of the game, Jake L’Ecuyer weaved diagonally across the field and when he made it to the entrance of the penalty box, looped a floater into the right corner of the goal over the goalkeeper’s hands. The game ended 6-0 to Jesuit.