Jesuit Varsity Soccer Opens League Against Cosumnes Oaks with a 2-2 tie
Monday, December 17, 2018


Jesuit, after several adventurous and non-league games to start the season, went to Cosumnes Oaks on Wednesday evening for their first Delta League game of the season. From the outset it was a pretty good and physical match.  In the 37th minute, a pass was leaked into the midfield in the Jesuit half and a few nice passes were shaped together with no pressure from the Jesuit defense, and the ball quickly made it’s way deep into the penalty box. A skilled forward got onto the other end of it and with one side swipe to himself he hit a right-footed rocket high into the goal from a sharp angle. This goal silenced the rest of the first half.

Half Jesuit 0-1 Cosumnes Oaks

Jesuit was very motivated in the second half to make a better showing and to hopefully get a win. In the 55th minute, a loose ball far up the field got Zach Lozano on the chase, and he sprinted full force onto the ball where he thumped it across the box. Elijah Beverley, in the middle of the box, flicked the ball across to his left one more time where Cole Barrett sniped a solid finish to tie the game. In the 74th minute a Cosumnes Oaks ball with a long chain of connected passes got its way deep into the box, and Jesuit, looking unaware, put no pressure on the passer or the receiver, and soon enough a shot was put in by C.O., pretty close to goal. Once again Jesuit was in trouble, but the squad kept their head level when a forward elicited a PK with only about five minutes left in the game. In the 80th minute, after a high suspense couple of minutes, Christian Honig took a solid penalty kick, a strong shot left bottom corner. The game was once again tied with a few minutes left, and Jesuit narrowly avoided a major loss. Final score: Jesuit 2-2 Cosumnes Oaks.