JV Red Soccer Beats Monterey Trail
Tuesday, January 23, 2018


On Tuesday, the 23rd the Marauders enjoyed a sunny break in the rainy weather as they traveled to Monterey Trail. Elijah Beverly wasted no time and scored unassisted in the first two minutes. Cole Barrett made it 2-0 shortly thereafter. In the 20th minute a Julian Churchill found Beverly who one-timed it out of the air. Jesuit would score twice more in the half – Matthew Kahn to Chris Meyers, and newcomer from JV Gold, Donovan Carrillo bent in his free kick to bring the score 5-0 at half. Barrett scored again off a throw from Uli Esquivel just after kickoff, and then got his hat trick from a pass from Meyers. Barrett’s hustle then earned a PK, and Demetri Petuskey put that shot in easily. Carrillo got his second goal of the game from a great throw in by Jack Maguire, and Maguire then had a long cross straight to pace’s feet where he put in the tenth and final goal. Final Score Jesuit 10-Monterey Trail 0.