Marauder JV Red Soccer Defeats Rocklin 2-1
Wednesday, December 12, 2018


The Marauders headed to Rocklin on Wednesday to face the Rocklin Thunder. Within the first four minutes the home team struck first, which put the Reds in an unfamiliar position. After a questionable offside call on a goal and a clearance off the goal line, the Marauders were finally able to put one into the net when Joey Afsariā€™s beautiful through ball caught a streaking Jordan Anyimi in stride, and Anyimi slotted it right in. It was 1-1 at half. Rocklin kept Jesuit busy with their aggressive, hustling style of play, but the Reds were able to push through. Play continued to be fairly even until Anyimi scored his second-this time a 25-yard curling goal off a long pass from Sam Nuno. Jesuit has two more games before the Christmas break.

submitted by Maro Verrios Maguire