Marauder Soccer Beats Elk Grove, 7-1
Wednesday, January 9, 2019


On January 9th Jesuit played an away game at Elk Grove High School. Jesuit got things going early, when in the 3rd minute a lazy ball fell easily to Luke Bone who hit a solid left-footed shot into a low spot in the goal. In the 10th minute Bone kicked an exemplary corner kick to Christian Honig in the box, who tried to finish a tricky back-heel shot. Honig’s shot was blocked out by the keeper, but Brian Norris was right there to clean up, and he converted a tap-in. In the 15th minute Chris Meyers, with his back to the opponent’s goal, turned around and sank a solid shot in past the keeper. In the 29th minute, an Elk Grove forward got room for a little burst of speed up the field and before many people could get on him, he took a swipe at the ball from 30 yards out. It skidded low across the goal, clipping the inside of the post and deflecting majorly to land in the back of the net.

Half Jesuit 3-1 Elk Grove

Pretty early in the second half, in the 35th minute, a deflected Chris Meyers shot in a perfect sequence of events landed at the feet of Josh Chou, who wasted no time and professionally executed a slow long distance shot past the keeper. About 10 minutes later, Zach Lozano thrashed his way almost into the penalty box on the left side and sailed an astonishing shot into the far right corner of the goal. In the 63rd minute, Christian Honig came up onto a perfectly weighted corner kick and finished a shot high into the net. In the 65th minute, to cap off a beautiful night of offense and shooting, Chris Meyers from around the entrance to the box hit a left-footed banger across the goal that clanged against the left post and went in. Jesuit finished the game with a 7-1 victory, and play Davis next on Friday in a highly-anticipated match.

submitted by Gage Biery ‘20