Marauder Soccer Defeats Bay Area Foe 2-0
Friday, January 25, 2019


Jesuit invited San Francisco University High School to their home turf on Friday, in one of Jesuit’s non-conference games. University seemed like a very challenging team, perhaps one of the toughest Jesuit would face all regular season by some mentions, but the home team quickly quelled all doubts when they made a nice, concerted attack up near the goal in the first couple minutes of the game. In the 2nd minute the ball came to Zach Lozano and he hit a side-footed half volley finish that went in. The rest of the half saw many Jesuit chances, but none that were finished, and not too many University offensive chances; the Jesuit defense clamped down. Even though Jesuit was a bit weak in the area of finishing, they developed some great attacking plays and did all the right steps to a successful offense.

Half Jesuit 1-0 University

The second half had echoes of the first half, but Jesuit had even more flair and better creation of plays but were lazier on the finishes. There were many good, close chances that would’ve been golden goals but they just weren’t quite there. Every Jesuit attacker, though, was playing at a high performance level, even a couple of the secondary lineup players who came in later in the game. In the 66th minute, Chris Meyers, after previously struggling to net a goal, found himself with a good ball and some space and cupped a powerful right-footed shot that spun straight ahead into the right edge of the goal. Jesuit finished the game strongly, with another clean-sheet, and  a 2-0 victory. Things are looking pretty well put-together and hopeful for Jesuit with the end of the regular season to finish up and the playoffs not too far away.

submitted by Gage Biery ‘20