Marauders Lose A Close Game to Marin Academy, 0-1
Monday, January 7, 2019


On their first day back from winter break, Jesuit took on probably their hardest challenge in the league in Marin Academy.  The match remained fairly equalized throughout the whole first half, with both teams getting a few offensive chances but neither breaking through.

Half Jesuit 0-0 Marin Academy

The very early goings of the second half were similarly deadlocked, and the first big chance didn’t come until the 47th minute. In the 79th minute, a Marin playmaker had a free kick a little off the corner of the penalty box, and he lofted an almost perfect ball into a crowd of strikers and Jesuit defensemen. The ball bobbled around dangerously between heads, the atmosphere getting more and more nervous after each header, and finally Marin got a clear shot, which they barely scuffed off the goalkeeper. The result was a Marin Academy corner kick a minute later, and a nice cross swam through the air for a long time until it finally reached the head of a lightly-defended forward who tucked the ball neatly past the keeper. 1-0 Marin Academy. At this point regular time was pretty much done, but it was announced that there would be four extra time minutes. Jesuit fought wholeheartedly to get some redemption, but after many chances, they couldn’t get one off and the final game whistle was blown. The game ended 1-0 to Marin Academy, marking only Jesuit’s second loss of the season, and first conference loss.

submitted by Gage Biery ‘20