Marauders Tie Davis 1-1 in Thrilling Soccer Game
Friday, January 11, 2019


On Friday afternoon, January 11th, Jesuit welcomed Davis to their home pitch in a matchup of two of the top teams in the Delta League. The entire game had a nervy atmosphere and was very physical, with fouls flying from both teams constantly. It was very exciting to watch; the ball was either involved in a dogfight in the middle of the pitch or one team was putting on a high-pressure attack while the other team vigilantly defended. Both teams were going full throttle. In the 10th minute the ice was broken when Chris Meyers, in a promising position, ran with the ball himself for a long time looking like he was going to get free for a shot. He came to the final defender and looked to take a shot, but couldn’t, so he laid a perfect pass off for Matthew Kahn. Kahn came onto it and pocketed a beautiful shot far from the keeper’s grasp. In the 19th minute a Davis player was bringing up the ball close to the Jesuit penalty box and got stopped by a Jesuit defender, going to the ground hard. While he was down the ball bobbled around a bit and came back to him perfectly as he got himself back up to the ground. He took it in stride, keeping it up with a few high kicks and headers, and he soon took a shot that sunk perfectly into the lower left corner of goal.

Half Jesuit 1-1 Davis

The second half ran in similar fashion to the first half, but with probably a higher level of quality, more Davis chances as compared to Jesuit chances, and some inscrutable saves and defensive stops. Both sides were very close to scoring and both had some unexpected defense when it mattered most, but the second half ended scoreless. This was one of the highest quality and most exciting Jesuit soccer games so far this season. Final: Jesuit 1-1 Davis.

submitted by Gage Biery ‘20