Marauders Varsity Soccer Played Two Games in the First Day of the Del Campo Tournament
Friday, December 14, 2018


On Friday and Saturday, December 14th and 15th, Jesuit is playing in the annual Del Campo tournament. On Friday, the team took on Casa Roble in the morning and then Turlock High School in the late afternoon. Each half of these games was 30 minutes, as opposed to the normal 40.

Jesuit vs Casa Roble

Jesuit had a huge number of chances at goal in this game, but ended up just taking seven of those chances. In the 3rd minute Luke Bone hit a nice ground shot off the post that bounced to Elijah Beverley who finished it. In the 9th minute Elijah slid the ball to Chris Meyers, who, standing right in front of the goal, put it home. Ten minutes later, Meyers had a nice free kick outside of the box where he finessed the defense and simply hit a ball at the speed of a ground pass through the left side, which passed the whole defense, which was leaning to the right side. In the 24th minute two goals were scored, a goal that Norris completely took upon himself to score and one that Jake L’Ecuyer muscled in past a rather slow-to-react goalkeeper. In the 48th minute there was a beautiful Jesuit individual goal. Then in the 54th minute Brian Norris planted himself close to goal and carved out a nice left-footed shot past the keeper. The game ended 7-0 to Jesuit.

Jesuit vs Turlock

Jesuit played a great game with high expectations on a beautiful afternoon against Turlock, their second game of the day. The whole first half was good and physical and both sides held the other at bay for now. Seven minutes into the second half, in the 37th minute, a harsh lack of pressure from Jesuit gave a Turlock man enough space to get a bit of a crazy shot off. The forward made it pretty deep into the box and stung a floating ball into the very left high corner of the goal from the opposite side. It was a sight to see. In the 46th minute Jesuit emerged out of some tough times when Chris Meyers got some great support from fellow forwards and sunk a shot. The game was now 1-1. In the 58th minute, about five minutes from the closing whistle, a Turlock forward got close in to the goal before releasing a pretty weak shot, which bobbled in against the keeper and past him. Jesuit lost this one 2-1, but the ship definitely still floats on. Two games will take place on Saturday, Dec. 15.

submitted by Gage Biery ‘20