Soccer Beats Elk Grove 6-1
Wednesday, January 30, 2019


On Wednesday, January 30, Jesuit played Elk Grove at home. In the first little bit Jesuit struggled a bit to find their usual offensive prowess, but it didn’t take too long for them to find the back of the net. In the 18th minute, Luke Bone burst with speed past and through a crowd of defenders and let it out a little bit ahead of him to Matt Kahn who easily pushed it in. Five minutes later, Luke had a burst of speed similar to that of the previous goal and played a light cross to Chris Meyers who played a tap-in finish. At this time, in the middle of the first half, the offensive trio of Meyers, Bone, and Kahn was working like the Holy Trinity. In the 27th minute Luke Bone dribbled hard past some people and earned an opening, through which he quickly let off a left-footed banger that went across the goal and hit the inside of the right post and flew into the net. To follow this up, in the 28th minute, Chris took the ball up the pitch and looked like he was going to keep up a fast run of play, but then he suddenly stopped unexpectedly and caught the defense by surprise. With everything frozen, he passed it across to Matt Kahn, who resumed play by passing it up to Luke Bone in stride. He finished with a solid shot.

Half Jesuit 4-0 Elk Grove

The second half started with a change in Jesuit goalkeepers, with Frankie Turnbull going out and strong second-string player Jack Clark coming in. In the 54th minute Elk Grove caught the Jesuit defense by surprise on a counterattack, and a long pass made its way to a nice diamond of EG players, who smartly passed it around and the final receiver of the ball, when he had some room, hit a nice spinning floater right into the sun high over the keeper’s grasp. It was now 4-1 Jesuit. Jesuit proceeded to be a little slow on offense, but stayed solid on defense and didn’t let any more goals in. In the 74th minute Chris Meyers got alone with the ball and exposed the defense which couldn’t react in time, with a shot easily in across the goal. Then right before the final whistle, in the 80th minute, Matthew Kahn finished a solid left-footed shot high into the arch of the goal, giving the keeper no chance of saving it. The game ended 6-1 to Jesuit, but Elk Grove did have a small victory. The EG goalkeeper managed to save two penalty kicks, each taken by stalwart leaders of the Jesuit team, in the second half. Jesuit is now at the very end of the regular season with only a few games left and is looking forward to entering section playoffs soon. 

submitted by Gage Biery ‘20