Varsity Soccer Beats Franklin 2-0
Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Jesuit played Franklin at Franklin’s home on an afternoon that was pouring rain and had very heavy gusts of wind. Conditions were very hard which made playing a little off the usual. The first twenty minutes were used for both teams to find their feet in such wacky conditions, but soon Jesuit started finding many offensive opportunities. In the 25th minute, on the first big offensive breakthrough for either team, Chris Meyers dribbled it up the right side of the penalty box and got too close to the goal keeper before he let his shot go. The shot was blocked but Chris continued with the effort and managed with some deflections to slide it slowly across the box where Elijah Beverley came around and finished the play impressively. Then in the 30th minute, the offensive leader Luke Bone dribbled it himself to around the entrance of the penalty box and shot and made a right footed outside-of-the-foot slash along the left edge of the goal.

Half Jesuit 2-0 Franklin

Jesuit came out extra motivated in the second half, and this time they already had some experience of how to play in these conditions through the first half, so they quickly got their attacking juices flowing. Early on, in the 46th minute, Chris Meyers  skillfully dribbled and cut the ball inside the box and when he got free lifted a shot around the keeper far side. Then in the 54th minute, Zach Lozano had a similar individual run and once he got to a safe distance he made a nice shot. 4-0 Jesuit. For the rest of the game Jesuit was making easy stops and was creating beautiful passes in between the defense, in between players in the midfield, and on the offense with visionary through balls. A large group of players was participating in this passing galore, and people were frequently getting subbed in and out of the game, so many different people were making big impacts. Franklin pulled a goal back in the 73rd minute, but the game continued pretty status quo for the remainder. This game ended with a 4-1 Jesuit victory.

submitted by Gage Biery ‘20