Varsity Soccer Beats Sheldon 1-0
Wednesday, January 23, 2019


On Wednesday Jesuit played Sheldon for the second time this season, following their 1-0 win at home, this time at Sheldon. The game got off to a very slow start. Sheldon was already known as a very defensive team that tended, for most of the game, to play safe with many through balls and to park the bus at the back of the field. And Jesuit was a little sloppy in their usual ball control and movement, and their taking advantage of offensive opportunities. So the visiting team was frustrated in their goal-scoring quest throughout the first half, and the two sides were stuck in a deadlock with each other. However in the middle of the first half Christian Honig almost unexpectedly turned things on when he took a whack at the ball a little past the half field line. The ball swerved almost perfectly to the top right corner of the goal, where it was tipped back a bit by the goal keeper and deflected off the crossbar and backwards out of bounds. The first half ended scoreless.

Half Jesuit 0-0 Sheldon

The second half started in very similar fashion to the first, but both teams had more offensive chances and committed more fouls. At this point it was more serious. Jesuit had some very closely missed shots that were developed well but just not finished properly. In probably the last 20 minutes of the game, there was a beautiful buildup play between many offensive players for Jesuit and each move was completed quickly before Sheldon could get a defensive foothold. This linking of passes across the field went on for quite a while and eventually it was time for someone to shoot but those who got the ball with the opportunity to shoot were shocked into submission or just waited until it was too late to take the shot. However, though, in the 72nd minute, Luke Bone was found in a perfect spot on the field and had time to shoot; finally a hole was found in the defense. Luke took the shot, and as consistently as ever, made it in one bounce into the far right corner. Jesuit was on the high of finally taking the lead after a lot of struggle to do so, and they just had to hold out the rest of the game without letting in a goal. They did so, in fact they nearly scored a second, in the form of Cole Barrett, and they finished with a solid 1-0 victory.

submitted by Gage Biery ‘20