Athletics Training Resumes
Athletics 2-Week break begins Saturday, Nov 21 and ends Sunday, Dec 6


Reminder, athletes must resume screening prior to practices beginning after school on Monday, December 7

This break will allow the student-athletes to return to their normal antigen screening schedule prior to participating in athletic activities. Please see the below screening times required for each group to establish a baseline immune status prior to resuming athletics.

Red group to be eligible to practice on Dec 7

  • Screen Monday, November 30 (optional)
  • Screen Monday, December 7 (mandatory) 

Gold group to be eligible to practice on Dec 7

  • Screen Thursday, December 3 (mandatory) 

Please be mindful that all student-athletes must screen on-campus on their designated screening day. The off-site clinic may be used only for special circumstances with prior scheduling done with the approval of Jesuit staff. This is an important part of our agreement with Urgent Care Now.