Digital Communication Options
We hope you love to hear about all things Marauders!  We are working to improve our communications to you with relevant, timely, and focused information. Check out the various new channels of communications.


Current Parent News

Principal’s Newsletter and other updates for families currently enrolled at Jesuit

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Alumni News

Stay in the loop with your fellow graduates. Monthly Alumni Newsletter, reunions and Alumni Events.

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Summer at Jesuit Notification

Find out important information about Summer at Jesuit including High School Summer School (Boys & Girls), Sports Camps (Boys & Girls grades 1 – 12), Academy Camps (Boys & Girls grades 4 – 9), and Academics Plus (Boys grades 5 – 8).

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Are you a prospective family? Sign up for our Explore Jesuit newsletter to get information on not-to-miss events like Open House and testing.

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Support Jesuit

Don’t miss an opportunity to support Jesuit! Social fundraising events such as our popular Auction, information on campaigns for tuition assistance and more.

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Athletic Updates, Marauder Minute

Want to know how the Marauders are doing? It is all in our weekly athletic updates e-newsletter.

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Jesuit Auction

Don’t miss out on an event or opportunity, sign up to receive all auction updates.

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Good Neighbor Program

Are you a neighbor? Get relevant reminders and updates associated with our Good Neighbor Program

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