HOCO Student Dance “Hollywood”
Dress Attire Required

Event Barry Gym

Homecoming Tickets

Buy Tickets

Students may only purchase one single ticket or one couple ticket and must be current students at Jesuit. You must use your Jesuit email to make your purchase. Guest passes must be filled out for students from schools other than St. Francis High School, Christian Brothers High School, and Cristo Rey High School. Passes due in Dean’s Office before Sept 27, 3:00 pm. 

Parking / Drop-Off / Walking 

Drop off in front of the Barry Gym. During pick up and drop off, please be quiet, patient, and respectful of our neighbors.

If a student and his guest plan to walk back to his house that borders Jesuit, a parent email is required to Mr. Ferrari at peter.ferrari@jesuithighschool.org. Only a student and his immediate date will be authorized for this, and this privilege will only be extended to students returning to their homes. All requests must be made before Friday at 3:00 pm. Everyone else must drive or be picked up on campus. No exceptions will be made.