Jesuit School-wide COVID-19 Testing
Required testing to be able to return on campus during second week


The drive-thru testing will take place on Wednesday, January 6 from 8:00 am-12:00 pm at Jesuit High School Sacramento’s gym parking lot (Fair Oaks and O’Donnell entrance)

For students (faculty, staff, and coaches) who plan to attend on-campus in-person learning or participate in co-curricular activities on campus, we are requiring you to participate in the drive-thru PCR test on January 6 prior to your regular rapid screening that will resume the second week of the semester on campus.  

The COVID test will be done from your vehicle in a quick drive-thru process in the Jesuit student parking lot. As mentioned prior to the break, this PCR swab is very similar to the current antigen screening and is not the deep more invasive culture swab. 

NOTE: Students, faculty, and staff should follow virus mitigation precautions and not carpool - same household members only in the car – and masks should be worn before rolling down the window to do the testing. 

Registration is now closed.

Students who miss the January 6 PCR testing will need to remain on distance learning for two additional weeks and may then begin their in-person learning on January 25 after completing their standard Monday and/or Thursday COVID screening process.