Parent Teacher Conference by Appointment
Please make your appointment before Oct 31


These conferences are intended to facilitate communication between teachers and parents when it appears that a student needs additional support to be successful. To that end, the conferences are intended primarily for students who may be struggling in a class.

We will use the PickATime appointment service for parents to request appointments with their son’s teachers. You will need to create an account (even if you have done so previously) using your student’s full name and birthdate.  Select “Parent Teacher Conferences”  and add your student. Select “Next Step” and you will see your student’s list of teachers.  Select the teacher(s) you would like to schedule an appointment with and choose “Filter Slots.”  This will filter the teachers and their available times.  You can then select a time for an appointment with that teacher.  

Please note that teachers will be unavailable to accommodate parents who have not requested an appointment on that evening.

Request Conference time

Please schedule your appointment by October 31. Due to limited availability, if you have a specific time in mind, please make your appointment ASAP.

If you have any trouble, please contact