Q3 Second Week
Hybrid Learning Schedule Begins
Students May Attend 4 Days Per Week


What’s new 

  • Students can now choose to attend both red and gold screenings to get full access to in-person classes and activities.
  • Improved integration for screening results, Daily Symptom Check, and attendance with PowerSchool
  • More student support activities
  • Students will need their school ID for screening check-in. Students should have their IDs on them at all times.

Learn more about the new cycle

The restrictive Red and Gold Cohorts that limited student access to campus for in-person learning to a particular set of days have been eliminated (although we may use the Red and Gold designations for other programming needs). We will instead allow students to choose to be on campus to attend classes on either or both of the Red and Gold Cycles.

  • Red Cycle – Monday and Tuesday (also Wednesday for special activities)
  • Gold Cycle – thursday and Friday (also Saturday for special activities)


The student must participate in the screening session for that cycle. So students wishing to be in class all four days will do screening twice each week.  A student that only wishes to come to one of the cycles just must do the screening on the day that starts the cycle.  To clarify:

  • A Monday antigen screening clears a student for class on Monday and Tuesday as well as all on-campus activities through Wednesday 
  • A Thursday antigen screening clears a student for class on Thursday and Friday as well as all on-campus activities through Saturday. 

This screening schedule aids us in contact tracing should the virus become present on campus or a close-contact occurs.