Always Connected
The impact of Jesuit on our student athletes

Jesuit Magazine Summer 22

Preston Conner ’22

Preston proudly wearing team uniform smiling at camera

“Jesuit’s lessons of being a ‘man for others’ were so impactful that I ended up committing to a Jesuit University.”

Roanin Krieger ’22

Krieger running during a rugby game with teammate

“Jesuit has afforded me the opportunity to achieve the highest standards.”

Garrett McGriff ’22

“Jesuit has been a foundation for all four years of my high school experience that has taught the element of maturity and growth between my teachers, coaches, and peers.”

Henry Adamson ’22

Adamson taking a breath during breaststroke

“Jesuit has helped ingrain the work ethic needed to be successful in everything I do. The school means
a lot to me and I appreciate all that I’ve been given.”

Brenden Sands ’22

Sands smiling in college sweatshirt

“Jesuit has helped me grow into the strong athlete I am today. I may not be playing football in college, but the work ethic and character building that Coach Blanton and the football coaching staff taught me, directly translated over to my success in shotgun sports. Jesuit athletics has given me lifelong memories along with insights and tools I will use for the rest of my life!”

Mason Benbrook ’22

Benbrook on golf course mid swing

“My most memorable moment playing a sport at Jesuit is driving in the van… when we played in a varsity tournament in Redding, as a JV team. We ended up winning the whole thing, and when we got back in the van, Fr. E was so hyped up and excited, the positive energy filled up the car for the whole drive home. The team aspect of high school golf never feels stronger and more alive than when we are traveling to and from tournaments and it is something I will miss.”

Joshua Turner ’22

Three players smiling in gym holding a pennant

“Jesuit has been a place of brotherhood to me. The school encourages meeting new people and treating others with kindness and respect. I appreciate the many amazing friends I have found through Jesuit, especially from volleyball.”

Brady Siravo ’22

“Jesuit has meant so much to me. It has been a place of comfort and somewhere where I felt included.”

Nick Strangio ’22

Strangio in uniform, holding a soccer ball and wearing a captain's arm band

“The brotherhood at Jesuit is a real thing and it has helped me become a better person and prepared me for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.”

Hudson Meyer ’22

“Jesuit has taught me the importance of discipline and being part of a brotherhood.”

boat on water full of rowers