Celebrating Our Graduates!
A reflection from our senior class president

Jesuit Magazine Spring 2020

As freshmen, we began our journey on orientation day meeting our Big Brothers. They showed us the ropes here and helped us get comfortable in a new environment. As much as they helped, I attribute the sense of brotherhood to each of you. I remember that first day of freshman year having classes with complete strangers, but all you strangers welcomed me with open arms.

Sophomore year we started to assert ourselves on campus by becoming more involved as we longed to be upperclassmen. That year for us was our first experience of being mentors, people for new freshmen to lean on, and we rose to the occasion.

Junior year we got to sit in the chairs during Mass and the sign of peace became extraordinarily special: arms interlocked with our classmates, hugs to everyone around us, showing excitement to see each person around us—a community of brothers each loving one another.  

This brotherhood is impossible to properly define. Words cannot properly express that emotion. However, it is not a fleeting feeling; it is constant. Senior year has been bittersweet as we all are excited for the next chapter in our lives after Jesuit; however, as we near graduation, we remember everything that makes us proud to be Marauders, and especially the culminating experience of Kairos.

Our high school experience contains memories, lessons, and friendships that I hope we all never forget. These past four years have been truly special and I thank you all for making these years unforgettable.

Donovan Carrillo ’20 
Senior Class President