Digital Learning Days

Jesuit Magazine Spring 2020
Sophomore Brenden Sands works in Google Classroom to start his school day at home.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Jesuit High School Sacramento transitioned to remote learning on Monday, March 16. The school, which already had students utilizing a robust online presence through Google Classroom during regular studies, recorded 100 percent of its student body successfully engaged online in the new Digital Learning Days (DLD) curriculum from home.

Principal Dr. Michael Wood attributes the successful transition to teacher preparation and student commitment. “We want to acknowledge and thank students, faculty, and staff for all they have done to support the school’s move to remote learning. The leadership team and Academic Board proactively began planning for this possibility in mid-February. They thoughtfully considered the whole student when preparing and adapting academic lessons and testing as well as health and wellness.”

In addition to virtual but real-time, teacher-led class sessions that aligned with the daily schedule rotations and independent projects and lessons, the school worked to ensure the students were able to maintain a connection to their community for spiritual fulfillment, team bonding, and lively student activities. Daily student-led prayer via video, livestream Masses, an online talent show, arts digital journal and performances, guest speakers, and at-home sports performance training videos all were created to bring the Jesuit culture and community to students since they could not be physically together.

On April 9, Jesuit formally announced the high school would not be able to return to campus for the remainder of this academic year. This decision was made based on guidance from both state officials and local health officials, and in coordination with other local school districts, all of whom have also extended distance learning through the end of the school year. The Jesuit Sacramento campus and its facilities will remain closed during this time.  

“While we will continue to remain apart physically, teachers, coaches, and staff are moving forward with love and support for our young men. We are inspired by how our students and families have responded and we are blessed to have our community’s trust as we continue to build ‘Men for Others’ during these unprecedented times,” shared Rev. John P. McGarry, S.J., President.

The extended community is welcome to learn more about the school’s transition to distance learning,  and may also access numerous online spiritual resources, at