Freshman Experience
Seniors help guide the newest Marauders on more than tours

Jesuit Magazine Summer 2019

Jesuit High School’s Big Brother Program, coordinated by Campus Ministry, matches rising Seniors and incoming Freshmen with the hope that Big Brothers will help Freshmen adjust to high school life academically, socially and personally. Typically, Seniors simply start out serving as a tour guide for the first few weeks of the school year; however, sometimes the pairing turns into an authentic friendship, with both the Freshmen and Seniors gaining from the connection and developing a bond that lasts far longer than the start of school. Saverio Bernardi ’19 became a Big Brother last year because he had a great Big Brother and wanted to pass on that experience to the new Freshmen. Each Senior is paired with two Freshmen during orientation and also for their retreat weekend. “My Big Brother was a great help and I knew I could go to him whether it was about things in high school or life in general. I knew he was always there to help me,” shared Bernardi. “It’s just awesome coming in and having a great Big Brother,” shared Christian Covert ’22. “At orientation he showed me everything, with lots of tips, and it was just so easy thinking that I am okay and can do everything by myself now.” Bernardi worked hard to help his Little Brothers acclimate to Jesuit, and both of them made it through the year well. From the very beginning, Jesuit works to make sure new students feel comfortable and become involved. Freshman counselors meet individually with students to determine how to make their transition to Jesuit as easy as possible. Also within the first few weeks of school, the Freshman class, along with their Big Brothers, spend a meaningful and memorable two days together during the annual Retreat Weekend. But the care 
for our newest Marauders doesn’t end there. Quarterly Freshman collaborations help orient the Freshmen with the traditions and events at Jesuit and give the Freshmen a chance to meet new friends. Jesuit knows that Freshman year can be a big transition, and we are here to care for them when they walk through our doors.