For It Is In Giving That We Receive
Time, Talent, Treasure, Testimony

Jesuit Magazine Spring 2020
Shokar family sitting outside at a table.

This shorthand expression is often used when talking about alums, students, parents and friends of Jesuit who give so much in support of our school. The Shokar family is a shining example of a family who has embraced all that Jesuit High School has to offer and, in return, has shared their gifts with Jesuit. Seniors Dev and Taj hit the ground running freshman year. Their mom, Sarb Shokar, followed their lead and has joyfully been involved as well.

Dev and Taj were middle school students in 2015 and Jesuit High School was not on their radar screen. A dear family friend, Jesuit alum Akash Lal ’96, recommended that the boys attend Jesuit. Although the family was sure they would not want to leave their neighborhood schools and lifelong friends, they decided to attend Open House.

As the family left Open House, Dev and Taj both exclaimed, “We love this place, we can’t wait to play on these fields and shoot hoops in this gym.” The decision was made then that the family would do whatever it would take for the boys to attend Jesuit. In August 2016, they joined the Class of 2020. 

As Sarb reflected on the past four years, she shared how wonderful it has been to see her boys grow—emotionally, intellectually, and most importantly, spiritually. “I strongly believe that Jesuit High School has been an integral part of these positive changes.”

 In giving of time and talent as a Jesuit volunteer extraordinaire, in treasure, through gifts to the Annual Fund, and testimony, sharing with other parents about Jesuit at Open House and parent events, Sarb has made a difference at Jesuit. “Volunteering with and working with other parents and the amazing staff, being a part of this community, this JHS family has been both rewarding and inspiring for me and my family. To be fully engaged as a parent during this important part of their life has given me much more than what I have given to Jesuit.”

Taj with hands around his mouth, shouting a cheer in front of a crowd.

 “Listening while Dev and Taj each gave their speeches when they were running for Executive Council positions” was an incredible experience. “It was a summation of all of their experiences at Jesuit” and confirmed the decision we made four years ago to send the boys to Jesuit.

 “I have said I will continue to volunteer and support Jesuit after Dev and Taj graduate because having opportunities to contribute and invest as much of my time outside of work into our JHS family has been, and is, the right thing to do. I am very grateful for Jesuit High School’s commitment to my sons’ and all of our sons’ holistic learning experience.”