More than Four
The simple gift that keeps one alumnus connected beyond graduation

Jesuit Magazine Summer 2019

Ben Ownbey ’01 had an incredible experience at Jesuit High School, and he’ll be the first person to tell you that. He comes from a Catholic family, so being able to expand his faith with a Catholic education was positive. He loved his time on Kairos, which really gave him the true sense of Brotherhood that Jesuit has to offer. Ownbey also knows that none of that would have been possible without Jesuit’s generous donors, as he received tuition assistance throughout his four years. Ownbey has gone on to a career as a social worker at Kaiser Medical Center. He has carried on the Man for Others mentality into his professional life while also giving back to the Jesuit High School community long after graduation. Ownbey and his wife, Sarah, have given a monthly donation to Jesuit since December of 2013, something that they budget into their monthly expenses.

The family knows the impact that a Catholic education has had on their lives, especially Ben’s experiences at Jesuit. Sarah is a graduate of Loretto High School and the couple have four children at Our Lady of the Assumption School in Carmichael. “The donation is just something we do, and we don’t really think about it,” Ben Ownbey said. “It’s a very small way to give back and pay it forward.” As part of the renewed efforts in the Alumni Office, Jesuit is hoping for increased alumni giving to the school. Gifts from generous alumni, no matter the size of the donation, are essential to maintaining the Brotherhood for many years to come. The Ownbeys are a prime example of that. “Not everyone can give a lot,” Ownbey said. “But, if everyone gives a little, it adds up and makes a difference.”