An Open Letter to My School
Messages to their classmates

Jesuit Magazine Spring 2020

Jonathan Fong ’20

An Open Letter to My School

Jesuit Sacramento is creating ‘Men for Others’, and this video is a real example of that mission. During the first week in which students experienced remote learning as a result of COVID-19, Jonathan Fong ’20 chose to record a compelling and heartfelt “Open Letter” to the Jesuit Community in place of the Daily Examen he was scheduled to lead. Jonathan was recently selected as the Class of 2020 Salutatorian.

“I was very conscious of being grateful for everything that I have had in my senior year, but there is another equally important part, this is the part of bettering each day to make the next one even better,” shared Jonathan.

Allen Tovmasyan ’23

An Open Letter to My School

After viewing the “Open Letter” by Jonathan Fong ’20, freshman Allen Tovmasyan ’23 felt compelled to reply and share his thoughts of being a student during this eventful time.

Grant Houle ’20

Good morning Marauders,

It’s safe to say things have been quite different over the past couple weeks. Classes have been moved online. All public gatherings have been canceled or postponed. Shelter in place policies have been enacted. Needless to say, lives have been changed.

During times like this it’s easy to feel confused, hopeless, and alone and while it’s normal to feel these things, the truth is, we are not alone. The beauty of Jesuit’s Brotherhood is that it’s not confined to the campus. It’s very much alive within each one of us and it is our job to keep it that way. So, reach out to your classmates, your friends, your brothers. Send a text. Schedule a phone call. Write a letter if you have to. Let them know you are there and that you love them. After all, that is what Jesuit is all about, being a man for others.

We must also remember the importance of our faith and religion during these times of uncertainty. We cannot turn away from God, in fact, we must lean into him. It’s important to refocus our attention and to have trust in the slow work of God. Everything will be okay.

In an effort to facilitate and deepen our spiritual connection, Jesuit’s Campus Ministry Department will be posting Daily Prayer and Examen videos to Jesuit’s YouTube page. I invite you to tune in, to join us, and to spread the word.

Supporting and loving one another through times of difficulty is what makes a family stronger, and boys, that is exactly what we are, a family.


Grant Houle ’20

Fellow Marauder and Religious Coordinator