Part of the Legacy
Bob Flandrena ’67 continues his parents’ tradition of enthusiastic support

Jesuit Magazine Summer 2019

In 1963, the Sacramento community realized the dream of a Jesuit education for its sons when Jesuit High School first opened its doors to 90 freshmen. What would become Jesuit’s first class—the Class of ’67—was greeted by a faculty of just five Jesuits and two lay persons. How far we have come since this humble beginning!

Bob Flandrena was part of this historic moment. As a member of the Class of 1967, he and his classmates shared the distinction of being “Seniors” every year; as they progressed from Freshmen, to Sophomores, to Juniors and finally Seniors — they were the “upperclassmen” every year. Flandrena fondly recalls working with his father and others under the direction of Fr. Joseph Barry, S.J., not only in class but on the campus. Together they dug ditches and set the pipe to transform the dirt and the tumbleweeds to the lawns that hosted the first pep rallies.

Proudly recalling his transformation from boy to young adult, Flandrena attributes his Jesuit experience to the confidence with which he has faced most of the important challenges in life.

“The toughest intellectual competition I ever faced was at Jesuit. That I was able to hold my own there gave me confidence that I could do anything if I set my mind to it,” Flandrena said. “Looking back, I do remember clearly that during our four years, the Jesuits emphasized that we entered the school as boys and would leave it as men. And to me, that is the biggest benefit; when it became time to become an adult, the transition was effortless.”

When asked why he and his wife Dani decided to join the Jesuit Legacy Society, Flandrena shared that he was proudly continuing a tradition begun by his parents – Robert & Marion Flandrena – enthusiastic supporters of both education and of Jesuit High School. He knew that by making a deferred gift to Jesuit through planned giving’s Jesuit Legacy Society, he will keep his parents’ legacy alive and also ensure that the promise of a Jesuit education will be kept strong for all the Marauders to follow. Many thanks to Bob Flandrena and his wife, Dani, for their generosity. Now living in France with their Border Collie, Emma, they are enjoying well-deserved retirement after a successful career with Bell Labs and on Wall Street.