Remember Your Past to Build Their Future

Jesuit Magazine Winter 20/21
Students tossing caps around the bell tower.

High school reunions are a time to catch up, reminisce, and see the growth and changes on campus at your alma mater. Remembering the motto ‘AMDG’ and the call to be “Men for Others” speaks to each Jesuit Sacramento alumnus in its own way.

Some alumni in various classes have taken their connection to Jesuit Sacramento and commitment to serve their community as a calling to focus on giving back to 1200 Jacob Lane. Through the efforts of some pioneering classmates, they have created more avenues for others to experience the brotherhood by creating named class scholarship endowments in support of tuition assistance.

The first two classes—the Class of 1969 and the Class of 1981—have recently launched their scholarship endowment campaigns with the goal for each class scholarship to raise $350,000—the amount required for a fully-funded scholarship. A student’s tuition assistance comes from the annual interest provided from the tuition endowment corpus, which will allow students to benefit for many years to come.

With the rising costs of private education and the multitude of factors that have impacted families due to the pandemic, many deserving and qualified young men across the Sacramento region cannot afford the opportunity to become part of the “Jesuit Brotherhood.” For some current students, this also impacts their ability to continue their journey next year. The requests for tuition assistance continue to rise. This school year, 34% of potential students applied for tuition assistance, with a demonstrated need of $2,700,000! Of those applying for aid, 49% were incoming freshmen. With limited resources, Jesuit Sacramento was only able to award $1,500,000 in support, far less than the need—to 259 students.

The month of March is when the Jesuit Admissions team makes the announcements of acceptance to the newest Marauders—the Class of 2025. All alumni are invited to show their support of these young men, and future classes, with a gift to a Jesuit High School Sacramento class scholarship. Through your gift in any amount, you will again be “walking the halls” of J-High and build a foundation for life for a new generation.


View all the photos from your class in your Cutlass yearbook online and learn more about creating or contributing to a class. Scholarships at: