Time, Talent and Treasure
Commitment to Stewardship and Philanthropy

Jesuit Magazine Summer 2019
Fr. McGarry greets student at graduation rehearsal.

To those who have been around the Catholic Church and Catholic schools for a long time, the request for time, talent, and treasure is expected. To others unfamiliar with Catholic education, asking parents and students, alumni and alumni parents, to volunteer and to donate funds might seem unusual, and even annoying. Some say, “I’m paying tuition, so why do I have to contribute more time or money?”

The answer to this question lies in the importance of volunteerism and philanthropy in operating a private school.

Donating time and talent as a volunteer

  • Jesuit Schools have always placed an emphasis on service—whether it be within the school or in the community at large. Jesuit High School requires students to complete a number of Christian Service volunteer hours each year, because helping those most in need is a central part of Jesuit education and formation.
  • In addition, the parents of our students are required to volunteer at least 25 hours each year where needed; their help is critical to the school’s ability to offer successful programs. As the members of our Loyola Guild and Boosters Club will often hear me say: “We can’t do it without you!” The gift of people’s time and talent is a blessing to Jesuit High School, and it is a major part of what makes our school so effective, so welcoming, and so inclusive.

Donations of additional funds beyond tuition

I am frequently reminded of the misperception that Jesuit is fully funded by tuition and has no need to raise money.

  • What many people might not understand is that Jesuit High School does not charge full-cost tuition. We have to make up the difference between what we ask families to pay in tuition and fees and what it actually costs us to educate each of our students on an annual basis. That difference—which we call the gap — is approximately $2,500, per student for the 2019–2020 school year.
  • Jesuit High School receives no funding from federal, state, or local government, the Catholic Church, or the Jesuit Order. Therefore, to help meet the core expenses of our annual operating budget, we must raise $1.8 million through our two primary fundraisers, the Annual Fund and the Jesuit Auction and Gala.

As you might imagine, discussing money is never easy, however, to deliver our promise to provide a Jesuit education that develops conscientious young men who are intellectually distinguished, morally courageous, and compassionate in service to others, for the greater glory of God, we must do so.

Article by Rev. John P. McGarry, S.J., President