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Jesuit Magazine Winter 2021

Resilience in a Challenging Time
From the President

Dear Friends of Jesuit High School Sacramento:

The dictionary defines resilient as: 1) the ability to be happy, successful, etc., again after something difficult or bad has happened; 2) the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness; 3) the ability to respond, absorb, and adapt to, as well as recover in a disruptive event.

Jesuit Magazine Winter 2021

Six Sign Letters of Intent

Isa Silva, Basketball


Silva shooting a  basketball during a game

“My favorite memory from playing basketball at Jesuit High School has been practice. After every school day I would take the same walk to pick up my things from the car and head straight to the gym. This is where I was able to find peace after a long day at school. The joy from competing and being around your teammates is something I will never forget.”

Devon Walzcykowski, Baseball


Walzcykowski at bat

Jesuit Magazine Winter 2021
Screen shot of the panel of Zoom singers.

“Lessons & Carols Advent Prayer Service”

In the spirit of Advent and the Christmas season, and in spite of the challenges that COVID-19 brought, Jesuit was very pleased to present its 12th Annual “Lessons and Carols.”

Jesuit Magazine Jackson Sloat ’23 Winter 2021
Collage of faces and clips from the play

Traditions Continue Amidst Restrictions
Fall Drama, “Show. (And Tell.)
Items from the Museum of Lost Things”

Never one to see the lights go out on a production, the Jesuit Drama Fall 2020 original play adapted to become virtual. “Show. (And Tell): Items from the Museum of Lost Things” premiered in November, keeping alive the 50-plus year tradition of actors from Jesuit and St. Francis High Schools coming together “on stage.”

Photo gallery Winter 2021
Bright yellow duck toy in a pool

Masters’ Class

Dr. Katherine Madden’s Digital Photography class took images inspired by famous master photographers that each class member researched. Here are some of their results. If you are not familiar with some of the masters, look them up; you will recognize many of their iconic images and you’ll see why they are, indeed, masters who inspire a new generation of photographers.

Jesuit Magazine Winter 2021

Eagle Scouts Soar at Jesuit Sacramento

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is one of the nation’s largest youth development organizations committed to providing programs that build character, leadership skills, and personal fitness. At Jesuit, Boy Scouts have had an instrumental impact on campus; many Marauders have proudly worn the Scout uniform, including Rev. John P. McGarry, S.J., President, who is an Eagle Scout with Bronze and Gold Palms and is a member of the Order of the Arrow, as well.

Jesuit Magazine Winter 2021

Bike Club Keeps Rolling Along

Starting sophomore year, I challenged myself to begin commuting to school. There were a handful of students who also commuted by bike and, feeling a lack of community amongst us, I decided to form a club. After reaching out to Mr. Loverich, the Marauders Bike Club was born. 

Jesuit Magazine Winter 2021

Jesuit Opens its House to Future Marauders

Each year, Open House is an opportunity for the school to showcase what makes attending this institution “a life-building experience.” Due to the pandemic, the annual gathering of potential students took on a much different look.

Jesuit Magazine Winter 2021

Students Now On Campus for Full Week

During the fall 2020 semester, faculty and students safely returned to campus for in-person classes following a hybrid program (two days on campus, two days of distance learning). The student body was divided in half,

Jesuit Magazine Winter 2021

What It Means to be a Marauder?

 Excerpted from The Plank by Matt Parks ’21

Since the establishment of Jesuit Sacramento in 1963, the school’s mascot has been the Marauder. Now, 57 years later, what does it mean for students to be a Marauder? 

Jesuit Magazine Winter 2021

Renovated Barry Gym Now Truly the Heart of Campus

After more than fifty-years of faithful service, Jesuit’s Father Joseph F. Barry, S.J. Gymnasium was due for a well-deserved renovation. The Barry Gym has been the site of countless life-changing events, both for the individual and for the school.

Jesuit Magazine Spring 2020
Sophomore Brenden Sands works in Google Classroom to start his school day at home.

Digital Learning Days

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Jesuit High School Sacramento transitioned to remote learning on Monday, March 16. The school, which already had students utilizing a robust online

Jesuit Magazine Spring 2020
Image of Dean Theodule on phone at desk

Calls of Caring and Connection

Jesuit Sacramento is more than a school, it is a community. That means caring for our students AND their parents. Our administration team has been calling our families to let them know we are thinking of them and making sure they’re doing well. The calls also had an unexpected result for our Dean…

Plank Article Matthew Marsh ’20
Three students smiling in formal dress  by the chapel.

Renewed emphasis on the Grad at Grad

For over a decade, the Examen prayer enriches each afternoon at Jesuit High School Sacramento, winding down every school day with a reflection rooted in Ignatian spirituality, but this past year the Daily Examen has seen a small change.

Jesuit Magazine Spring 2020
Our Daily Examen During the Coronavirus

Our Daily Examen During the Coronavirus

Student Religious Coordinator Grant Houle ’20 took the lead in transforming the on-campus Morning Prayer and Daily Examen when Jesuit Sacramento moved to distance learning.

Plank Article Nick Venegas ’22

La Raza in Los Angeles

Serving others

Last February, the Jesuit High School Sacramento La Raza Club took their annual trip to Los Angeles and embraced their Hispanic and Latino heritage by serving impoverished groups who share the same ethnic background. 

Photo gallery Spring 2020

Art in Isolation

Dr. Madden’s Advanced Digital Media class writes visual essays sharing their experiences about this season of isolation. Each photo essay consisted of several panels. We pulled a few excerpts to share.

Jesuit Magazine Spring 2020

Shelter-in Spring Sees Music Blossom in New Ways

There’s something thoroughly Ignatian about finding God in music. St. Ignatius’s spiritual approach strives to touch the heart directly, and that is what music does, too. Music is literally beyond words. It is feeling and emotion that unifies the listener.

Jesuit Magazine Spring 2020

Celebrating Our Graduates!
A reflection from our senior class president

As freshmen, we began our journey on orientation day meeting our Big Brothers. They showed us the ropes here and helped us get comfortable in a new environment. As much as they helped, I attribute the sense of brotherhood to each of you. I remember that first day of freshman year having classes with complete strangers, but all you strangers welcomed me with open arms.

Jesuit Magazine Spring 2020
Scissor lift with man working on HVAC in the middle of the gym.

Barry Gym Renovation Project Update

The Barry Gym project, which began in summer 2019, qualifies as an essential infrastructure project in California, and even under the stay-at-home orders, Phase Two

Jesuit Magazine Spring 2020


Former JHS Principal Fr. Fran Stiegeler, S.J. (1994-98), has a favorite saying: “A ship in the harbor is safe; but that’s not what ships are for!” I think an analogous saying would be: “Jesuit High School has a beautiful campus. But that beauty is lost if there are no students and faculty, players and coaches, parents and alumni to enjoy its benefits of providing an environment for the many aspects of a Jesuit Education.”