Helping Your Child Succeed in High School


A Jesuit High School education inspires an enduring commitment to excellence and service. Helping your child succeed in high school is a goal that the staff and faculty of Jesuit High School of Sacramento share with you, the parents of our students. With parents as our partners, we offer a challenging educational experience of academic excellence, co-curricular involvement, and spiritual and religious formation. Here are a few pieces of advice for the parents of our high school students.

Always encourage communication

Talk with your son and listen to his problems and concerns. Teens are facing many new academic challenges in high school. Help your child get the most out of his education by finding out areas where he might need more help, then work together to create a plan for success.

If your child is struggling in any of their classes, encourage him to attend a free tutoring session. Free tutoring is available for all subjects so seek out CSF tutoring if your son is struggling or just needs some help with homework.  

Learn to set goals together

Goal-setting is a life skill that is just as important in adulthood as it is in high school and college. Concentrate on teaching your child to manage smaller, yet challenging goals that lead to great accomplishments. Talk about the broader picture, then break down semesters and big projects into short-term goals. Teens are learning to challenge themselves, and achieving goals encourages their self-confidence. 

Grades are important, but praising good grades too highly can have adverse results. Students might become complacent about their grades, or seek shortcuts if they are struggling. Instead, praise the process that your student used to achieve good grades. Did he read more? practice harder? Ask for help? Collaborate with classmates? Encourage the behaviors that produce successful results, and focus on working toward long-term achievements.

Keep a long-term perspective

Talk with your son about his career and college goals, and encourage him to be excited about making decisions for his future. All students at Jesuit High School are preparing for higher education. Traditionally, 98-100% of our graduates go immediately to college—90% to four-year institutions and approximately 39% to private colleges and universities. 

While excellence can be measured through our students’ recognition and success, we are most concerned by what happens as a result of a graduate’s education. Our goal is to help form leaders of competence, conscience, compassion and commitment to God in service who will work for justice and quality of life for all.

Pray together

Prayer and reflection are fundamental components of a Jesuit education. A strong religious core at the heart of our mission is a distinguishing characteristic of Jesuit High School. As a Jesuit, Catholic college preparatory high school, we are committed to the excellence of our broad-based program of academics, co-curriculars and spiritual formation. It is essential that students, parents and school officials work together to assure that each student succeeds in receiving a values-based, Christian education.

Many of our masses are held as Livestreams. Check our Mass & Prayer Services for upcoming events or view past student-led morning prayers and examens on YouTube.

Get advice from a teacher

Our teachers are dedicated to helping your child succeed in high school. An evening for Parent/Teacher Conferences is held after the first quarter grading period in the Fall semester. If contact with a teacher is desired outside the scheduled evening for Parent/Teacher Conferences, parents should send the teacher, via e-mail, a request for a conference. Teachers are expected to return all messages within 48 hours, weekends and holidays excepted.

Jesuit High School of Sacramento is committed to helping your child succeed in high school. You can find more advice for high school parents and resources on our Parents page, including our Student Parent Handbook and parent PowerSchool FAQs.