Re-opening of campus on track for third week of October
Leadership outlines the framework for trainings, bell schedule and additional virus mitigation practices to open school

News Michael Wood ’99

Message from the Jesuit High School Leadership, 

From the start of the pandemic, Jesuit High School Sacramento has followed the guidance of experts in public health, coordinated with local and state authorities, and committed to a return to campus when it is deemed safe to do so. With the improvement in Sacramento County COVID status to the red tier, Jesuit Sacramento is preparing to begin our phased return to campus. While our remote-learning program has been successful, our students need and want to be on campus; all of us at Jesuit Sacramento have been preparing to reintegrate into in-person learning, but we will only do so in a manner that prioritizes safety, sanity, and sustainability. 

You will see below that our plan is to start with 50% of the student body to be on campus for two days each week. Teachers will be teaching simultaneously to the students who are in-person and students who are learning remotely. Our teachers have trained on how to teach in this hybrid model, but this will be the first time actually doing it and we want to move ahead prudently to make sure our students and teachers can adapt. I ask that we all consider this transition time as an investment with a future payoff; all schools, including Jesuit Sacramento, will need to go through a process of learning to operate safely and responsibly in order to be successful in maintaining on-campus learning with the virus still present. We can do this now when this window of opportunity opens or we can wait and do so at some future date. Either way, this learning must take place. Beginning the process now means we can take advantage of our investment as the year progresses.

Reintegrating slowly, deliberately and responsibly will result in a safer environment for all community members.  Implementing our strict virus mitigation policies and practices will significantly lower the risk of a return to full remote-learning in the future. We should also note that most students and teachers have not experienced in-person learning since March and physically it will be a much different landscape from the last time they were on campus. Classroom reconfigurations, sneeze guards, posted room capacities, physical distancing markers, one-way traffic flows and other virus mitigation practices are now physically in place on our 52-acre campus. 

The sections below describe the major elements of our updated Safe Return Plan that we will enact in the second quarter if our county remains in the red tier for the full two week window that CDPH requires. We will be sharing additional details over the next two weeks to help families prepare for our phased return. We want to start this process by sharing the basic framework for our return. We are confident in our ability to begin our phased return plan safely and effectively.

Together in faith,

Michael Wood, Principal
John McGarry, S.J., President
Maureen Longyear, VP for Advancement
Anne Long, CFO
Fadia Desmond, Assistant Principal for Instruction and Student Life
La Roddric Theodule, Assistant Principal, Dean of Students
Colin O’Connor, Assistant Principal for Academics
Julie Winkleman, Controller