Jesuit High School hosts three rallies each school year. All three are dedicated towards building community and school pride. The Executive Council is in charge of planning rallies.

As with all Jesuit High School events, Jesuit students are expected to represent themselves in manner consistent with the teachings of the school.

Fall/Holy Bowl Rally

If there is one event that binds all marauders throughout the 50+ year history of Jesuit High School, it is the spirited competition known as the Holy Bowl. The Holy Bowl is the annual football game versus Christian Brothers High School and kicks off the school year as the competition for bragging rights between the rival Catholic Schools. In order to prepare the Galley Crew for competition, Jesuit High School hosts a rally the night before the big game.

Winter Rally

With the long fall season coming to a close and the weather beginning to turn from warm, bright sunshine to a damp, cold it is important to reinvigorate the spirit of the Galley Crew.  The Winter Rally is used as a platform to celebrate the success of the fall sports season, tip-off the winter sports season and remind all who participate that the Galley Crew is the best cheering section in the greater Sacramento region.

Spring Rally

As the Marauders emerge from the cold darkness that was the Winter Sports season, we once again use a rally to both celebrate past successes and rekindle the burning enthusiasm of the Galley Crew. This renewed spirit will lead us through the first pitch of the spring sports season and into the close of another successful Jesuit high School year.