Accomodations for Standardized Testing FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Academic Support Plan?

An education plan created with the Academic Support Center specific to JHS. Each family must send adequate learning documentation to the ASC director and meet with the ASC director to create an Academic Support Plan.

What is the Jesuit High School Process to receive academic accommodations?

  • Email learning documentation (psycho-educational evaluation, medical diagnosis, IEP, 504, SST information) to the Admissions Office and/or the ASC and set-up a time to meet.
  • Meet with the ASC director and create an Academic Support Plan.
  • The ASC will distribute the FWP to teachers.
  • The FWP is available to teachers on PS for the duration of their high school years and is a part of the student’s cumulative file in the Main Office.
  • Referrals for educational evaluations are available through the Counseling Center and the Academic Support Center as needed.

When do I take standardized tests?

9th and 10th grade years:

  • EDS (9th grade) and PreACT (10th grade) – National Testing Day in October
  • 9th and 10th grade testing and accommodations are given directly through Jesuit High School and are based upon a student’s Academic Support Plan and documented learning needs.

11th grade year:

  • October – PSAT
  • Second semester – SAT and ACT

12th grade year:

  • 1st semester senior year SAT/ACT

What is an accommodation?

Some students with documented learning disabilities are eligible for accommodations on standardized testing.  One example of an accommodation is extended-time testing. Please see College Board and ACT links for further information.

I need an accommodation…

When should I apply for an accommodation?

This process must be started early (ideally during the 10th grade or before)

SAT (College Board) Process

  • Start early!  (It can take up to 7 weeks for them to review).
  • Bring learning documentation to the ASC.
  • Meet with ASC director and create a  Academic Support Plan.
  • Sign parent consent forms and discuss accommodations that you wish to secure for college admissions testing.
  • The ASC director will submit learning documentation/The College Board will send you a letter with their decision/Jesuit High School also receives a letter with their decision.
  • Student is approved for accommodations for the duration of high school (including AP testing). 
  • If the ASC has complete learning documentation, the process can begin as early as the ninth grade.
  • Once approved, the student can sign up for the SAT at any time (recommended second semester of junior year).
  • Student must sign up and mark the box indicating that they want to use their approved accommodations.

ACT Process

When a student has complete learning documentation, has met with the ASC, and has a Academic Support Plan:

  • The student signs up to take the ACT during the second semester of junior year with accommodations.
  • The student will receive an email that they should forward to the ASC with their ACT ID#.
  • Once the ASC receives this communication, they will submit learning documentation.
  • The ACT will make the final determination and notify the ASC of their decision.
  • The ASC will email the decision home.

What do I need to get an accommodation?

  • Learning documentation referred to as a psycho-educational evaluation which describes the learning disability and need for the accommodation.
  • Please refer to the Jesuit High School Standardized Testing Submission Policy and the College Board/ACT links to see the full documentation requirements needed.
  • In order to apply for accommodations such as extended-time, the student must be using the same accommodations in school.
  • Complete learning documentation must be on file in the ASC in order for documentation submission to the College Board and/or ACT. 

What are the SAT/ACT policies?

  • Educational Testing  must be up to date
    • SAT—testing no older than 5 years
    • ACT—testing no older than 3 years
  • 504 plans, FWPs, Dr. notes, and IEPs are not considered adequate learning documentation to secure accommodations on the SAT/ACT tests.
  • Learning documentation must have a DSM V diagnosis.
  • Learning documentation must:
    • Have both cognitive and achievement testing.
    • Provide measurable impairment of academic achievement.
    • Present a history of the disabling condition and impact on learning.
    • Provide tests/scores used to arrive at diagnostic impressions.
    • Provide testing both with and without extended-time.
    • Offer explicit recommendations and accommodations based on individual learning needs.
    • Include the evaluator’s professional credentials.
    • School based accommodations and SAT/ACT accommodations may differ.